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 Exhibition event-An Introduction to Automatic Writing
Exhibition event-An Introduction to Automatic Writing
Friday 16 August, 11:00 - 13:00

Automatic writing is an ancient form of spirit communication; important examples are on display during the exhibition.

The spirit world has been using writing as a vehicle for communication for thousands of years.

But how is it done? Can anyone do it? Why do they so often use chalk? Sarah will explain the different levels of spirit writing (inspired, inspirational and automatic) and gently lead you through trying it for yourself.

Exhibition event - Begin Your Journey with Trance
Exhibition event - Begin Your Journey with Trance
Sunday 18 August, 11:00 - 13:30

Trance mediumship is the oldest form of spirit communication and provides a channel for the spirit world to share wisdom, guidance and healing with us. Sarah will expertly guide you through the process allowing you to experience it for yourself.

You will learn about the mechanics of trance and feel what it is like to blend with the spirit world and perhaps even let them speak.

Trance Mediumship - An Introduction
Trance Mediumship - An Introduction
Saturday 21 September, 10:00 - 17:00

Spirit has been communicating with humanity for thousands of years through this method of mediumship.

Sarah is one of the UK’s leading trance mediums, and she will share her passion and knowledge with you today as she explains the purpose and mechanics of trance mediumship.

Trance mediumship is as relevant today as in the past and spirit want to access this technique more. So, if you feel drawn to trance or are just curious then come along today and give it go. No previous experience required.

This event will cover:

  • The mechanics of trance mediumship
  • How to prepare and blend with spirit
  • Allowing spirit to speak
  • Channelling vs trance
Trance Development - Small Intensive Group
Trance Development - Small Intensive Group
Sunday 29 September, 10:30 - 13:30

Limited to only 8 places.

This development group will be held on 27 Sep, 27 Oct and 24 Nov. You are paying for all 3 sessions

Whether you want to begin your journey with trance mediumship or have already started, join Sarah in this exciting new development group focused on trance mediumship and its many levels.

Numbers in our development group are limited to eight people, so that Sarah can give each student the attention needed to really provide the highest quality of trance mediumship training and guidance.

This group is designed for beginners and intermediate level of trance mediumship.

Students will be encouraged to develop at their own pace, while being supported in understanding the nuances of being a trance medium. The sessions will focus on preparation, deepening the connection, entering an altered state, building trust with spirit and allowing the communication to flow.

The group will meet on the last Sunday of every month (three meetings per term) Sunday 29 September, 27 October and 24 November.

Sarah will contact you when you purchase this event, for a telephone interview. This is to ensure that you are ready in your development, for this group. A full refund will be given if Sarah feels the group is not right for you.

Masterclass: The Ego Trap
Masterclass: The Ego Trap
Saturday 12 October, 11:00 - 13:30

The ego is a part of the human self, and it has a task to do. However, it gets out of balance and can take control when you go off your soul's path, whether through choice or trauma. How to rebalance it?

Master Chou will talk about the ego and its function. He will explain how it interacts with your mind and your free will and how it can supersede the soul.

Chou will discuss how to recognise the ego, its behaviours and give ways of correcting the imbalance, putting your soul back in charge. Furthermore, he will also talk about the different types of ego - mental and spiritual and how they manifest.

Master Chou is a wise and humorous spirit communicator who enjoys speaking to people on a wide range of subjects; he speaks with compassion and humour while giving practical advice.

NB: Probably around 2.5 Hours with no break, an explanation of trance will be given at the beginning and there will be time at the end for the group to share. Master Chou will talk for around two hours.

Discovering Your Soul's Path
Discovering Your Soul's Path
Saturday 2 November, 10:00 - 17:00

Every lifetime a soul enters this world, it has a plan containing the lessons it wants to learn and the achievements it wishes to make.

The soul will choose one or two of eight major themes that will influence your nature, skills and purpose; by understanding these you can better understand yourself and your life.

Today we will explore the eight soul themes; discussing what they mean and how they can manifest in your life.

We will engage with your soul and higher self to uncover your themes - to help you to see your path and the choices you can make.

Master Chou, Sarah’s spirit communicator, will also step forward and share his wisdom on the soul themes with the group.

Please bring a notepad and pen.

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