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SOLD OUT  Trance Development - Small Intensive Group   SOLD OUT
SOLD OUT Trance Development - Small Intensive Group SOLD OUT
Sunday 26 January, 10:30 - 13:30

Limited to only 8 places.

This development group will be held on 26 Jan, 23 Feb and 29 Mar. You are paying for all 3 sessions

Whether you want to begin your journey with trance mediumship or have already started, join Sarah in this exciting new development group focused on trance mediumship and its many levels.

Numbers in our development group are limited to eight people, so that Sarah can give each student the attention needed to really provide the highest quality of trance mediumship training and guidance.

This group is designed for beginners and intermediate level of trance mediumship.

Students will be encouraged to develop at their own pace, while being supported in understanding the nuances of being a trance medium. The sessions will focus on preparation, deepening the connection, entering an altered state, building trust with spirit and allowing the communication to flow.

The group will meet on the last Sunday of every month (three meetings per term) Sunday 26 Jan, 23 Feb and 29 Mar.

Sarah will contact you when you purchase this event, for a telephone interview. This is to ensure that you are ready in your development, for this group. A full refund will be given if Sarah feels the group is not right for you.

Trance Lecture: Peace for the Inner and Outer World
Trance Lecture: Peace for the Inner and Outer World
Tuesday 25 February, 19:00 - 20:30

We are all seeking peace in some form. Inner peace for ourselves and world peace for humanity and the planet. Do you know what it is or how to manifest it? Do you even believe you can?

As beings, we are incredibly powerful and can create a fantastic reality, but to do that we have to stand in our power and truth.

Tonight, through the trance mediumship of Sarah Tyler-Walters, Spirit will step forward and speak about the true nature of peace and its purpose.

Guiding those present to an understanding of peace; beginning the process of having inner peace and explaining what that will manifest in the world.

Get Real: About Your Chakras
Get Real: About Your Chakras
Saturday 18 January, 10:00 - 17:00

You have probably heard about the chakras and know you have them. But do you know what they are? Or what they do?

There is a lot of conflicting information out there.

Your chakras are part of your energetic system and support your emotions, thinking, will power and self-expression, to name but a few.

They can get blocked, misaligned, and change their size, all of which affect the flow of energy in your system and their function - leading to issues which may include speaking your truth, connecting to love and joy, clarity and focus.

Sarah will walk you through your chakras, ensuring they are aligned, the right colour and helping you to recognise blocks and begin the process of clearing them.

This workshop will help you with your daily life and well-being as well as providing a good starting point for anyone wanting to develop mediumship.

Please bring notepad and pen.

Spirit Inspired
Spirit Inspired
Saturday 1 February, 10:00 - 17:00

Spirit communicates with us in many forms - thoughts, visions, dreams, impressions, downloads, to name but a few.

But do you need to be a medium to receive them?

No, not always. The information can be to guide us on our path, support our soul or as part of what the soul is here to do.

Today we will look at being inspired by spirit and the many forms it takes. You will have a chance to explore words - written and spoken, images - drawn and perceived.

Sarah will also introduce you to your guides and how to work with spirit for guidance on your path and in life.

Please bring a notepad and pen.

Mechanics of Mediumship
Mechanics of Mediumship
Saturday 22 February, 10:00 - 17:00

Have you considered studying mediumship?

Do you want a connection with spirit and wonder how it works?

Then today is for you as we explore the mechanics of spirit communication. From working with your guides to other spirit beings, we will look at the techniques and principles behind this beautiful process.

Throughout the day, we will discuss the theory as well as engage in practical exercises to connect with spirit and bring forward messages and information.

Please bring a notepad and pen.

Inspirational and Automatic Writing
Inspirational and Automatic Writing
Saturday 14 March, 10:00 - 17:00

Many people feel they intuitively write, or have the need to write, but don't know where the words come from.

During this two-day event, you will discover if those words are coming from spirit or your mind.

Spirit has been using writing as a vehicle for communication for thousands of years. You will explore spirit writing, a diverse form of mediumship ranging from being inspired, to working in an altered state for automatic writing.

You will be encouraged to allow the words to flow without judgement, whilst understanding their origin and purpose.

No previous experience required.

This event will cover:

  • the theory of writing with spirit
  • the mechanics of this form of mediumship
  • how to prepare for inspirational and automatic writing
  • an opportunity to experience each level of spirit writing

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