Join us in person at The College of Psychic Studies on this auspicious cosmic occasion for a FREE ceremony of sound healing, meditation and intention-setting, followed by a soirée with complimentary summer refreshments in the Library.

On 8 August, the Sun, Sirius and Orion align with our planet to open the Lion's Gate Portal. This cosmic event bathes us in healing light, inviting us to step up into our true sovereignty. We'll be harnessing this energy through meditation and sound journeying with artist Thou Alone. This is followed by a convivial summer soirée to meet new, like-hearted friends. As you mingle, enjoy a glass of wine or cordial, served alongside fresh strawberries and cream (vegan available). 

This event is offered free of charge.
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Don't miss this precious opportunity for a collective 'step up' - join us at the College to raise the frequency of ourselves, our community, and the planet at the Lion's Gate Portal. 


Lion's Gate Portal 8/8 Summer Soirée schedule

6:30pm | Welcome to The College of Psychic Studies. Feel free to explore the exhibition rooms, or enjoy a few moments of peace in the elevated energies of the Sanctuary.

7pm | Take a seat in the Lecture Hall for a guided visual journey accompanied by a special soundscape, specially curated for this Lion's Gate Portal by Thou Alone.

7.30pm | Head down to the Library to enjoy a glass of wine or cordial, served alongside fresh strawberries and cream (vegan available). Enjoy meeting new friends and connecting with familiar faces. You will also be invited to pick an affirmation from the Lion's Gate Portal Affirmation Bowl to either contemplate quietly or discuss with your fellow participants.

8.30pm | Close - set sail into a light-infused summer!

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