Learn what it takes to be a soul midwife - caring for those at the end of life - in this in-person workshop. You'll learn the principles of Tender Loving Care (TLC) from the Soul Midwives' School.

Soul midwives are non-medical, holistic companions who guide and support the dying in order to facilitate a gentle and tranquil death. TLC is a soul midwife's caring framework. At its forefront, TLC is compassionate support to the dying and those with progressive or life-limiting illness. It focuses on holistic care, present listening and sitting in vigil with people in the last moments of life. TLC also involves a unique examination of the stages of dying and offers simple tools and gentle therapeutic techniques to aid comfort.

In this in-person workshop at the College, you will explore TLC in a tender and inspiring way. You'll discover what it means to be a soul midwife, and how you can support and care for friends - indeed, anyone - at end of life.

This in-person workshop includes:

  • Four stages of dying framework
  • Simple therapeutic techniques to calm agitation, anxiety and tension, including soothing touch
  • Alongside listening at the bedside
  • Sitting with a patient during the final hours

This TLC workshop includes handouts, a TLC certificate from the Soul Midwives' School and entry towards Holistic and Therapeutic Soul Midwifery and Spiritual Care in Soul Midwifery.


This TLC workshop is based on the pioneering movement of the Soul Midwives' School founded by Felicity Warner (voted 2017 End of Life Care Champion by The National Council for Palliative Care and the Royal College of Nursing and End of Life Doula of the Year 2017 by the Good Funeral Awards). The School's gentle techniques in holistic palliative care have now been adopted in many hospices throughout the UK. The TLC training is an approved course from the Soul Midwives' School being offered nationally throughout the UK.


Previous participants say:

"It was excellent and I learnt so much and thoroughly enjoyed the time with Mandy. Highly commend her."

"Mandy was terrific and taught us skills needed when caring for those friends (people) that are dying. She spoke from both what the Soul Midwives shared and personal experiences. Everyone shared different experiences due to the warm and open tutoring."

"Mandy is an exceptional facilitator & the content was deeply impactful & inspiring."

"I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop and found it very helpful to me personally with what is currently going on in my life."


Here's what to expect:

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This workshop is taking place in-person at our college in London

You can find the address and travel directions on our contact page - we'll also include all the information in your enrolment email.

About Mandy Preece

Image of course leader Mandy Preece Mandy Preece is a soul midwife (holistic end of life companion), motivational speaker and tutor. She supports various palliative care initiatives, particularly Macmillan Caring Locally.
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