The white dove embodies divine consciousness; purity, peace, oneness and loving kindness. It resides with every human being who chooses this path of grace. Join this in-person workshop with Lars Muhl & Naleea Landmann to open yourself to the white dove teachings.

The white dove activates and establishes a field of blessings, healing and guidance. Those who listen for insight and truth rather than seeking drama; who choose to see the heavenly source of all being rather than projections of the mind, have the white dove with them. They anchor the Holy Spirit, the vibration of Oneness through continuous communion with the white dove.

If you are willing, you too can embody the divine consciousness of the white dove. You can live in this world with wide open wings, hearts and hands, radiating the golden stream of love that we all are into every encounter and sphere of consciousness. You can establish truth, harmony and love in all situations. This in-person workshop shows you how.

This workshop draws on sacred practices, prayer, song and toning, silence, blessings, storytelling and dance to move us into the sacred space of our heart. We lift the veils of resistance and remove the armour of pain protection, and anchor into our divine nature with the white dove.

Join Lars and Naleea for this in-person workshop to embody the white dove teachings, radiating love, healing and blessings from the core of your being into all that you do.


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Previous participants say:

"SO wonderful to meet Lars Muhl and Naleea Landmann in person. Thank you for bringing them here, it was a special day - and such an incredible venue."

"The workshop was well organised, everything was prepared with love and exceed my expectations. Lars and Naleea were simply very welcoming, very wise and warming. To be honest, it changed my life being with them. The College is beautiful."

"Lars and Naleea are so inspirational! They exude divine Presence, confidence, purity and wisdom. It was pure joy to be in their presence and learn from their experience, wisdom and kindness. The venue is one of the most magical places that I ever have been! Just pure perfection, everything. From the first to the last moment."

"Absolutely brilliant and such a magical place to be in."


This workshop is taking place in-person at our college in London

You can find the address and travel directions on our contact page - we'll also include all the information in your enrolment email.

About the Presenters

Image of course leader Lars Muhl

Lars Muhl

International speaker, healer, author and mystic, Lars Muhl is widely known for his fastidious research on and interest in sacred gnostic texts and the true teachings of Yeshua of Nazareth.
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Image of course leader Naleea Landmann

Naleea Landmann

Naleea Landmann lives in Germany and works as a healer, translator, singer and actress. Her vision is to live within a world of heart-centred beings.
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