The lost civilisations of Atlantis and Lemuria were once home to each of us. This in-person workshop guides you back in time to re-awaken these sacred landscapes and their powerful wisdom within you.

This workshop at The College of Psychic Studies invites you to explore the ancient civilisations of Lemuria and Atlantis. Revisiting these previous incarnations allows us to understand why we first journeyed to Earth and what our unique role was - and still is. These revelations can inform so much of our understanding of who we are today, and why we are walking the unique path that we are on.

Exploring Mu & Lemuria

In the first part of this in-person workshop, we will connect to Mu and Lemuria to meet the first souls believed to visit the earth. We will discover who the Mu and Lemurian people were, where they came from and why they're so important right now. 

We will also look at Lemurian seed crystals, and enjoy a past-life regression to see how you once used these crystals and programmed them with wisdom, to be remembered again in this very moment.

Exploring Atlantis & the Wisdom of the Waters

In the second part of this in-person workshop, we will explore the myths and legends behind the ancient civilisation of Atlantis. A past-life regression to Atlantis invites us to witness what life was like for us there. We will visit the famous temple of Poseidon at the heart of Atlantis, and reconnect with the wisdom of the water element that is so strong within each of us.

Book now to join us on the journey of a lifetime - in fact, many lifetimes! - and discover why you might be on this particular path, what you are here to do, and how this ancient wisdom can serve you now.


Previous participants say:

"Gemma has such a wealth of knowledge & delivered the content in an easily digestible way."

"Absolutely loved the course! It was everything that I was expecting it to be and more. Gemma is a fantastic teacher and really made everyone feel at ease no matter where they were at on their crystal journey."

"I LOVED this workshop. It was informative, interactive & very enjoyable."

"Gemma is a lovely, friendly teacher. Answers questions and gives more information and guidance quickly."


This workshop is taking place in-person at our college in London

You can find the address and travel directions on our contact page - we'll also include all the information in your enrolment email.

About Gemma Petherbridge

Image of course leader Gemma Petherbridge Akashic Records reader, crystal author and teacher Gemma Petherbridge believes our intuition is our best source of guidance. One of her most beloved modalities is crystal therapy.
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