Ready to unlock the spirit animal kingdom and meet your totem, guide and power animal? Leading earth-medicine teacher Scott Alexander King has the key. He'll guide you into the extraordinary world of spirit animals in this online workshop.

According to Scott Alexander King, each of us is born with a team of archetypal creature teachers. They accompany us through life, guiding and protecting us. In this livestream workshop, Scott joins us online from the Australian outback to introduce us to our own totems, spirit guides and power animals, and reveal their symbolism and meanings.

Our animal spirits play a huge role in shaping our life experience. They offer us incredible avenues of awareness and self-expression. They reveal our strengths and weaknesses, hopes and desires, and can also help us understand our past and glimpse the future.

In this special livestream, two-part workshop, you will:

  • Learn the difference between totem animals, power animals, spirit animals and animal guides
  • Meet one of your primary totem animals during a guided journey
  • Receive messages from your totem animals through a demonstration of Scott's unique gift
  • Understand how your totems shape your character and the life you choose to live
  • Discover how to integrate your totem animal into your everyday life
  • Learn to ask for assistance and protection from your totem animals 

Scott Alexander King is Australia's foremost animal spirit mystic, nature-inspired psychic medium and earth medicine teacher. He has seen animal spirits since he was approximately eight years old. He has an extraordinary depth of knowledge to share, and his events are as fascinating as they are revelatory.

This workshop welcomes everyone, from animal and nature lovers to psychics and mediums to healers to shamanic practitioners. This extraordinary wisdom can be applied to yourself as well as friends, clients, loved ones and pets.


This workshop will be recorded. You will find the recording links in your College Account within two working days from the event - an email will alert you when they are ready. These recordings will be available for replay for three months following the event. Please see our terms for more information.


Previous participants say:

"Absolutely fantastic Scott was really a very sincere person and easy to get on with great teacher. Highly recommended him will book with him again..."

"Scott Alexander King is a funny and genuine tutor very interesting and I can't wait for him to do another workshop."

"Scott was a delightful and endearing tutor, entertaining and engaging. I loved learning from him and the subject matter was great and a new subject for me."

"Really loved Scott - he was authentic and from the heart, so refreshing to see someone presenting in their truth. Scott embodies his work with honesty and passion. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet him over zoom."


Workshop Schedule

There are 2 sessions for this workshop

1Wednesday 20th March 20248:00pm - 10:00pm
2Wednesday 27th March 20248:00pm - 10:00pm

This workshop will be live in our online classroom

All you need to take part is a good internet connection and a computer with a webcam, microphone and Zoom.

On booking this workshop, you will receive an email with the Zoom link to access it. Remember to check your spam folder if you don't receive this confirmation email in your inbox.

Please use the same link to access each of your workshop sessions.

Please send us a message if you have any questions. We hope you enjoy the workshop!

About Scott Alexander King

Image of course leader Scott Alexander King Scott Alexander King is a shaman, visionary and zoomancer – an individual who examines the habits and appearance of animals to help explain or reveal the future path of other people.
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