Join artist Greg Humphries at The College of Psychic Studies on a fascinating psychogeographical journey to contact the Spirit of Kensington, inviting it to communicate with us regarding the current ecological crisis.

In this creative and interactive workshop, we invite our environment to reveal its secrets and offer sage advice on how we can be better custodians of our land. Using a combination of psychogeographical research, automatic drawing techniques 'en plein air' and interpretation of the results using intuition and the Key Scales of Colour developed by The Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn, we hope to give our environment a voice that can inform and guide us in this time of climate change.

This workshop will start at the College and then we will venture out, visiting sites to inspire you in the area, before returning to College, for interpretation of the images you have produced.

Book now to join us for a fascinating day of exploring Kensington in inspired new ways - through psychogeography, you'll learn to see this familiar urban landscape in a totally new light.

Entry requirements

  • Everyone is welcome, no artistic experience is necessary.
  • All materials will be provided. 
  • You are welcome to bring your own sketchbook and any of the following:
    - Watercolour pencils
    - Water brush pens
    - Pencil, eraser & sharpener
  • Please dress for the weather and a short walk.
  • Please consider any mobility issues before booking.


The Order of the Sun and Moon Art Exhibition | Friday 30th August-Friday 27 September 

With work that engages with sacred landscape and alchemy, psychogeography and natural processes, witchcraft and sigil magick; this exhibition with artists Julian Vayne, Kate Southworth & Greg Humphries at The College of Psychic Studies is an opportunity to discover three artists working at the leading edge of the growing interest in esoteric art. 

Ceremony with The Order of the Sun and Moon | Sunday 1 September, 3-5pm

Join us in person at the College with The Order of the Sun and Moon for a magical ceremony, using meditation, breathwork, drumming and voice-work techniques to usher in a brighter future with the help of our ancestors.

    This workshop is taking place in-person at our college in London

    You can find the address and travel directions on our contact page - we'll also include all the information in your enrolment email.

    About Greg Humphries

    Image of course leader Greg Humphries A member of the occult art collaboration The Order of the Sun and Moon, Greg Humphries is an artist and writer whose work has been informed by magical thinking and philosophy for over 25 years.
    Read more about Greg

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