David Pinner, College accredited healer, offers powerful uplifting healing sessions. 

Working with a team of guides and higher beings and accessing core life force energy, he aims to engage the client's own inner healer and higher self, to speed the journey towards balance harmony and health. Gentle and non-invasive healing; for mind, body and spirit.

Previous clients say:

"David was highly professional and I can truly say I achieved what I wanted – to be healed."

"Very helpful consultation. On top of my healing, I have received invaluable advice. David is an excellent healer."

"Very special healing experience. David is a highly skilled and authentic practitioner and I am privileged to have had healing through him."

"My second session today with David. My serious back problem truly recovered. Not sure for how long, but to feel no pain first time in year, did feel like miracle."

"A deeply beautiful & quite extraordinary experience for which I am deeply grateful. I feel humbled and uplifted by David's dedication & skill & the privilege of receiving healing within the space & history of the College of Psychic Studies."

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This consultation lasts 60 minutes.

August 2021

Wednesday 4th August

Thursday 5th August

Friday 6th August

Monday 9th August

Wednesday 11th August

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Friday 13th August

Monday 16th August

Wednesday 18th August

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Monday 30th August

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Wednesday 1st September

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Monday 6th September

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Wednesday 15th September

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Wednesday 22nd September

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Monday 27th September

Wednesday 29th September

Thursday 30th September

October 2021

Friday 1st October

Monday 4th October

Wednesday 6th October

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Monday 11th October

Wednesday 13th October

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Monday 18th October

Wednesday 20th October

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Monday 25th October

Wednesday 27th October

Thursday 28th October

Friday 29th October

November 2021

Monday 1st November

Wednesday 3rd November

Thursday 4th November

Friday 5th November

Monday 8th November

Wednesday 10th November

Thursday 11th November

Friday 12th November

Monday 15th November

Wednesday 17th November

Thursday 18th November

Friday 19th November

Monday 22nd November

Wednesday 24th November

Thursday 25th November

Friday 26th November

Monday 29th November

December 2021

Wednesday 1st December

Thursday 2nd December

Friday 3rd December

Monday 6th December

Wednesday 8th December

Thursday 9th December

Friday 10th December

Monday 13th December

Wednesday 15th December

Thursday 16th December

Friday 17th December

About David Pinner

Image of course leader David Pinner David Pinner's approach to healing establishes a three-way link between himself, his client and spirit. David's healing works on a very deep level, engaging the client's mind, spirit and body.
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Healing: 60 minute consultation

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Price: £75.00