2023: The Year of The Chariot tarot card, by Avril Price

The College's Tarot Tutor, Avril Price, reflects on The Chariot, the tarot card of 2023, and what it can reveal to us about the energies of the next 12 months...

By: Avril Price.   Posted

As we launch into the New Year, our Tarot Tutor Avril Price offers an outline of what we can expect from the influence of 2023's tarot card, The Chariot, on the year ahead. We know that 2023 is the year of The Chariot because when we add 2+0+2+3, we get 7, which is the number of this card. Here's what it means for you...

Moving on from The Lovers of 2022

With the new year, we can say goodbye to 2022's tarot card: The Lovers. The Lovers represents relationships in various forms - especially with ourselves. It is also about the need to make choices - sometimes challenging ones - but, nevertheless, the kinds of choices that are game changers and bring harmony to the mind, body and spirit. No surprise, then, that last year saw us begin to reconcile in earnest our relationship to the planet. There is a close link between how we treat ourselves and how we treat the Earth. We saw the dawning of an awakening and an emphasis was made on making kinder and empathic choices.

We also saw our emergence from the Covid cave. We were able to consider the existential journey that the pandemic had thrust upon us. Who are we? Where are we? Again, choices had to be made about our general direction, which of course was only going to be clear if we had a vision of our unfolding future and a set of intentions to get us there.

This brings us very nicely to 2023's tarot card, The Chariot

Tarot cards have a natural progression and indeed, The Lovers and The Chariot flow into each other and bring some clear and inspiring insights. Firstly, 7 is a spiritual number. It's massively significant as a building block in the universe or, as I see it, a number of scope and potential and our ability to build our vision of the universe in our corner of the world. Whatever choices we were prepared to make in 2022 are only likely to manifest if we have a vision or a plan of how it might come together in 2023. We must look to our talents and skills, our innate abilities, as it is these that will be the tools for creating the assured victory aspected in The Chariot.

Steering our way to higher goals in 2023

The Chariot tarot card is about will power. It may be that as we leave 2022 behind, we don't have clarity as to what could happen in the coming months. We may feel as though we are being pulled around in all different directions. The Chariot, ruled by Cancer, can epitomise the movement of a crab, scuttling around and not always in a straight line. We are reminded that life rarely has a linear trajectory and once we accept that we can get on with the business of moving forward.

We are asked to go into our heart. What does our heart speak of? When we align our goal with the authenticity of a desire that could have a realistic outcome, then engage the intellect to make the plan, the power of will is ours. 2023 is about creating opportunity, making things happen. As such, we can see the Charioteer as The Magician. We are all Magicians.

Yet, we must hold steady. Keep our balance. The will is like an arrow shot from a bow. It needs a target, otherwise it spirals in the air and all is futile. In our eagerness to manifest a result there is a danger we ride roughshod over others, our drive to be in control becomes an obsession and we lose out when a certain triumph could be had. Be positive, go with it, events are moving rapidly and require careful handling! Hidden paths can now be explored.

Key words for The Chariot

Key words for 2023's tarot card, The Chariot could be:

  • Will power
  • Pushing ahead
  • Creating goals
  • Assured success
  • No going back
  • Action and drive
  • Flexibility
  • Avoid recklessness
  • Unthinking disregard for consequences

Your relationship with The Chariot this year

If you want to know your personal year card in association with The Chariot tarot card, take the first digits of your birthday. For example 25th of May, (ignore the birth year). Add the digits to 2023 (thus, 2+5+5+2+0+2+3= 17). This gives you The Star. The Star in The Chariot.

Once you have calculated your tarot card of the year, try this lovely meditation: Imagine the Chariot, its wheels driving forward. Imagine The Chariot to be driven by your card (in the example above, The Star). Think about what your unique card means to you. Align it with the meaning of The Chariot. See it inside the Chariot card. Let your imagination wander. Where is The Chariot going? What is the scenery? Explore your thoughts and feelings, make note of your impressions. Jot them down and refer to them later on as a reminder of your New Year intentions.

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