6 manifesting techniques to make your dreams come true

Every moment of every day has the potential to change your life. That means every moment is prime manifesting time! Our top six manifestation methods will help you bring to life whatever you're dreaming of.

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The moment we realise the power of our intention in manifesting our desires is the start of an incredible adventure. All the hopes and dreams we harbour, we can bring into our reality with some potent manifesting techniques. Whether it's to bring more joy to your life, develop your intuition, or for something more physical such as a new home, our cherry-picked manifestation methods will support the blossoming of your heart's desires.

How do manifesting techniques work?

Behind every manifesting method is the Law of Attraction. This universal law is the fundamental mechanism underpinning all manifestation techniques. So how does the Law of Attraction work? Essentially, it operates on an atomic level with the premise that 'like attracts like'. In other words, atoms congregate because of their similarity. Similar atoms are compatible with each other; they magnetise each other and are automatically drawn together. 'Like attracts like' is perfectly described by the proverb 'birds of a feather flock together'.

Atoms of compatibility aggregate repeatedly with each other until they form matter that we can perceive. These levels of matter are of increasing density; from the subtle, thought level, to the physical. Therefore, negative or inferior thoughts bring about undesirable states of mind and subordinate manifestations. On the other hand, positive, uplifted thoughts engender a positive state of mind, with beneficial manifestations. This concept is essential to any manifestation technique.

The Law of Attraction in mediumship

Just a note for our mediumship students, the Law of Attraction is very apparent in our psychic and mediumship readings, too. Because of this influence, it is essential to start any reading with a neutral mind. Clear the noise and mental chatter before giving a reading. As author of Hills' Theory of Consciousness Robert E Massy points out; 'Nonsense begets nonsense; junk gives out junk and brings back junk.' A neutral mind sets the stage for you to perceive correct psychic information.

The magic behind manifestation techniques

With the Law of Attraction on our side, we can bring into our reality that which our heart most desires. In fact, we may even discover that it has long been right there in our reality all along, just waiting for us to notice it! As Dr Wayne W Dyer says in his brilliant book, The Power of Intention, when we change the way we look at things, the things we look at will change. In other words, when we default our thought patterns to positive, we magnetise a more positive reality. This is easier said than done! If we have been thinking a certain way for many years, it takes a little effort to switch ourselves out of that habit. This is where manifestation techniques can help. Here are our favourite methods of manifesting that can support you in realising your hopes and dreams.

1 Start a gratitude journal

    One of the best ways to switch us out of negative or unhelpful thought patterns is through genuine feelings of gratitude and appreciation for what we already have. When we appreciate the abundance, love, support and miracles that are already present in our life, it is much easier to establish ourselves in a positive frame of mind. The silver lining of cultivating an attitude of gratitude is that, through the Law of Attraction, we manifest for ourselves even more reasons to be grateful! So gratitude is a win-win as far as manifesting techniques go.

    To set this manifesting technique in motion, start a gratitude journal. Every day, jot down 10 things that you feel grateful for. Make a special manifesting ritual of it. Every morning or evening, light a candle or a stick of incense and settle in with your gratitude journal. Take a few deep breaths to come into a present state of mind, and then start writing. Continue breathing deep as you make your gratitude list. With each inhale, grow your feelings of gratitude and positivity.

    2 Get crystal clear with a vision board

      An important part of the manifestation process is by being really clear on what it is that you want to manifest. When we are really clear about what we want, we can tap into the energy, emotions and feelings of it. Remember the Law of Attraction states that the more we create the energy of our goal, the more we achieve it on an atomic – and increasingly physical – level. One way to get clear on your goals, and how those goals feel, is by creating a vision board. Vision boards bring detail and visual energy to your manifesting process. Settle in with some magazines and newspapers, a pair of scissors and some glue, and get cutting. On an A3 piece of card, create a collage using all the words, images, colours and representations of what it is you wish to manifest. When you have finished (and, of course, you can keep adding to it!), pin it in a place that you will see often. And whenever you see it, FEEL it!

      3 Create a positive affirmation seed phrase

        All manifesting techniques work with the Law of Attraction, and nowhere is this more clear than when we repeat a positive affirmation. The positive affirmation we choose articulates the essence of our heart's desire in a simple, positive phrase. For example, it might be 'I am joyful', or, 'I am a successful tarot reader with thousands of satisfied clients' or 'I live in a happy home by the sea.'

        However, there is one more step to this manifesting technique. This practice is much deeper than merely mentally repeating your affirmation as and when you remember to. This manifesting method requires you to remain in a state of mindfulness at all times. You need to be aware of your thoughts, and be present enough to catch any negative thought patterns as they arise. Some of these negative thought patterns can be insidious – if we have carried them for a long time, they may be less visible to us. Remain aware, and as soon as you notice a thought pattern that does not support your best life, press play on your positive affirmation.

        4 Use a magic sigil

          A powerful way that can support your positive affirmation manifesting process is a magic sigil. A sigil is essentially a sacred symbol that you create to embody whatever it is you wish to manifest. You can create your own magic sigil by including a stylised representative of your goal in a simple, easy to create and easy to visualise drawing. Make a few copies of your sigil and place them EVERYWHERE! Stick it on your fridge, your laptop, your wallet, your bedside lamp and your mirror. You want your sigil to pop up in your vision as often as possible, as a reminder of your goal. Ensure that you have included this sigil on your altar. Make it part of your practice to light a candle for your sigil every day. This gives energy and power to the manifesting process. 

          5 Work with the moon phases

          Every witch knows that the moon is where to find the best manifesting magic! For the purpose of manifesting techniques, when we're working on bringing something into our life, we should tap into the energies of the new moon. At this phase in the moon cycle, the energies are waxing towards a full moon. They are gathering, growing. So when we seed our intentions on the night of the new moon, our intentions are given power and growth as we progress through the month. The same premise applies when you want to release or banish something from your life. For this, perform your ritual on the night of the full moon, and as it wanes towards the new moon, so we release what no longer serves us. 

          5 Walk your talk

          Our final manifesting technique is to live every day as if you HAVE already manifested your heart's desire. If you want to manifest more joy in your life, start doing things that make you feel more joyful. Perhaps it's that dream home? Create a dream home of your current home! Want a more fulfilling career? Do something that brings you great fulfilment. We are working with the Law of Attraction, which means the more we can create the energy and feelings of what we want to manifest, the more successful our manifesting methods will be. The time is now!

          Happy manifesting!

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