6 steps to building a tarot career

Seeking a soulful, heart-centred vocation? Here's your step-by-step formula to establishing a fulfilling career with the tarot cards.

By: The College of Psychic Studies.   Posted

If you're seeking a soulful, heart-centred career in tarot, you've come to the right place at The College of Psychic Studies. Our tarot classes guide you from your very first steps in the Foundation course, through Intermediate and Advanced to the Certified Go-Pro Tarot Course. It's this professional-level course, certified by the College, that will help you establish a robust tarot career. It is geared for advanced tarot practitioners to take the necessary steps into a grounded and fulfilling tarot career. Here's what you'll learn...

Step One: Prepare for your tarot reading

The first module of the Certified Go-Pro Tarot Course sets the foundation for a successful journey. You'll be brushing off your tarot toolkit and refreshing your skills. Your tutor, Avril Price, will guide you in preparing to meet your client and provide a spectacular experience. You will be looking at key strengths in your tarot tool box and discover how to build on them.

Step Two: Deliver an empowering experience

Module two of the Certified Go-Pro Tarot Course teaches you how to weave a story with the cards. Avril will guide you how to use language effectively, especially in navigating sensitive situations. You'll learn how to tell the client's story, working with the cards' symbolism to connect with relevant issues.

Step Three: Take charge

Dynamics are crucial in a one-to-one tarot reading, and this is the focus of module three. We examine possible reactions, triggers and mental health issues that could come up in a reading. We will explore how to remain non-judgmental, and will master the art of safely driving the session forward. 

Step Four: Reputation is everything

Whether you love or loathe it, social media is here to stay (for the foreseeable future, at least!). And it's a very valuable tool if you're just starting your tarot career. In module four, we work on our social media strategy. The focus is on how to get your valuable service out there so you can start attracting the right clients for you. You'll learn which platform suits you best, and will start establishing your unique voice that others will want more of.

Step Five: Your unique brand

Want to create a successful tarot business that is authentic and has integrity? Then you'll enjoy module five. We look at what makes you stand out from the crowd, and analyse who your ideal audience is. We'll also get serious about your ambition and intention. Clarity is key in formulating the future of your tarot business, and Avril will guide you to just that. 

Step Six: The future!

Creativity and imagination are as important as clarity in building our tarot business. In module six, we tap into our wildest dreams and carve a practical path towards those dreams. Here's your opportunity to get it right, and take the first step towards a successful career in the tarot.

Allow our expert tarot tutor Avril Price to support your tarot development. Start with our Tarot Foundation, progress onto Tarot Intermediate, then Tarot Advanced, and graduate as a professional tarot reader with our Certified Tarot Diploma.