Am I an empath?

Here are the seven sure signs that you are an empath. Hint: If you're a student at The College of Psychic Studies, you most probably are!

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If you have ever wondered, 'Am I an empath?' then it's likely that you are one. Empaths are highly tuned to the emotions of others. They often pick up on subtleties of which others seem blithely unaware. They also have a sharp intuition, and can sense when something feels off. And we can pretty much guarantee that most of our students at The College of Psychic Studies are empaths!

Being an empath can be tricky to navigate, as picking up on all those emotions and subtle energies is exhausting. A good place to start is identifying if you are an empath. So if you're asking yourself, 'am I an empath?', here are the signs to affirm it:

I feel things deeply

Let's start by looking at what empathy means: It is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. Empaths are sometimes described as emotional sponges. Their empathy means they tend to soak up the energies and emotions of those around them. 

I am intuitive

Empaths have a strong gut feeling and can sense when something feels off. Their intuition is their superpower and they can usually spot anything underhand or dishonest. Having such strong intuition, empaths are also great at knowing what is right for them... although perhaps not as great at following that through!

I am an introvert

It can be overwhelming being plugged into everyone else's emotions, thoughts and feelings, so empaths generally tend to be introverts. That doesn't mean they are shy - to others, they may seem confident and vivacious! However, empaths tend to enjoy their own company and find it easier to navigate a meeting with one or two friends rather than large groups. An empath's idea of a good time is often a cosy night in!

I am a good listener

Empaths tend to spend more time listening than they do speaking - and they are great listeners. Others recognise the empath's innate fantastic listening skills will often confide in them. 

I can't watch the news

It's not only immediate 'real life' scenarios that can impact deeply on an empath. Empaths need to be careful about the media they consume. Violence and tragedy are felt on a deep level, and can stay with an empath for days, if not months. Be discerning about your media exposure and who you follow on social media. Regular digital detoxes can work wonders.

I avoid conflict

As an empath, we tend to struggle with confrontation and conflict. The heightened emotions that arise from situations of conflict can feel overwhelming to an empath, and they do their level best to avoid them!

I find boundaries tricky

Because empaths take on the feelings and emotions of others, they find it difficult to switch off and to keep others at a distance. Setting boundaries is even more important for an empath to maintain their sovereignty and sanity. However, empaths struggle with maintaining strong, healthy boundaries because they are so empathic, they want to help where they can, and they feel others so deeply.

Am I an empath?

If most of the above points feel very familiar to you, then you are an empath! You're in great company at The College of Psychic Studies - we can very much relate; many of our students are empaths too! Our expert tutors do their very best to support you in navigating and empowering your sensitive nature. Wondering where to begin? Your first step with us is one of our livestream beginner courses. In all our beginner courses, we take you by the hand and teach you valuable techniques that will support you to develop your empathic gifts while also remaining insulated, focused and present. Each of our courses provides a safe and inclusive space for you to blossom into your full potential. As an empath, we're confident that you will find these classes very helpful.

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