Inspiration from the Otherworldly Art Competition 2023 Virtual Exhibition

Of the hundreds of entries we received for our 2023 Art Competition, we present the 50 shortlisted artists, as well as Dorota Radzimirska's winning piece. Enjoy!

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We received more than 500 submissions from all around the world for our Inspiration from the Otherworldly art competition 2023. Entries included everything from paintings and drawings to textiles, sculpture, film and photography, and we loved seeing every single one! From this incredible selection, the judges each chose 10 entries for the shortlist. Of the shortlist, they selected one of their favourites to become their judge's choice. And finally, they unanimously agreed on a winning piece. Today, we announce the results of the 2023 Inspiration from the Otherworldly art competition...

Congratulations to our winner!

Winning artwork by Dorota Radzimirska (Do you feel it?)
Details of Dorota Radzimirska's winning artwork (Do you feel it?)
Details of Dorota Radzimirska's winning artwork (Do you feel it?)

Congratulations to Dorota on a well-deserved win! The judges were unanimous in selecting your drawing as the winner of the Inspiration from the Otherworldly 2023 art competition.

Our judges' choices

From more than 500 entries, our five judges each selected 10 works to go to the shortlist. Of their select list of 10 artworks, they chose one as their favourite. Here, we present the judges' choices...

Photos of artist Justine Johnson's installation, Wild Feathers in a Iron Landscape)

Artist Amy Grantham (Volition)

Artist Julia Oak with Through the Portal on the Other Side

Artist Corinna Spencer with Landscape Portal I

David Bickley The Green Man

Our 50 shortlisted artists

In alphabetical order, all shortlisted artists from which our judges' choices were selected:

Alexia Marmara (L'Irrégulière); Amy Grantham (Volition); Carrie Neiss (Subterranean Piping World); Chiara Pellegrin (Exploration); Christian Román (Circular Exploration 7); Corinna Spencer (Landscape Portal I); Cynthia Lund Torroll (Retrograded); David Ian Bickley (The Green Man); Debora Francis (I Am in You; You Are in Me); Diana Cuni Mancini (P Series 2 No. 4); Emma Duggan (The Kenning and the Fox); Esther Sherrow (Hysteria); Gérard Nicollet (Ectoplasme); Golnaz Meidal (Mythical Passage); Jamie Lynn Lewin (Unhindered: Hoop III); Jane Peacock (The Moth); Jim Sanders (Spirit Memory Coat); Joanna Stawnicka (Guardian); Joey Ryken (Gh'koort Naas'ba); John Behnke (The Last hour); Julia Oak (Through the Portal on the Other Side); Justine Johnson (Wild Feathers in a Iron Landscape); Leigh Ann McDonagh (Lanthechilde's Heart Portal); Marianne McCarthy (We Are Here: Case 13); Mimei Thompson (Ancestor: Rust); Mohor Banerjee (The afterlife filled with joy); Molly Piper Greaves (Rain Dragon); Natalie Peterson (Alienation Disfiguration); Neerja Chandna Peters (Dance of Divine); Niamh Moloney (Taurus I); Nicole Frobusch (Untitled); Nino Paulito (Ānandaśakti 1: Elefta 2); NKB (Life Turned on a Sixpence III); Nöel Smith-Sparrow (Out of the Game); Opal Strand (Beach Goths 1599); Paola Bay (The Connection of your Higher Self and Divine Presence in the Platinum Light Reality); Rachel Grimwood (Four Prongs of Earth Magic); RivaEtAl (Kabbalistic Geometry with Seraphim); Robert Kyle (The Fairy Stone); Romana Teodora de Ruffray (Mental Waves); Salman Hamad (Ancestor Spirits); Samir Mahmood (Aik, Do);  Sarah Bellisario (Healing Journeys); Selina Takerei (Transitional Gateway); Shafina Jaffer (He gave us Eden and then Creation); Steve Sheasby (Otherworldly No.17); Tia Maria Taylor Berry (026); Tomer Rosenthal (Three Snakes); Winter Beaumont (The 1561 Celestial Phenomenon Over Nuremberg); Zakia Baki (Feel the Flow)

Congratulations to our artists!

We've presented the 50 shortlisted works, including Dorota Radzimirska's winning piece, into this 15-minute virtual exhibition. Congratulations to everyone who made it into the shortlist. We hope you all enjoy the virtual exhibition!

Thank you to EVERYONE for submitting your work for this art competition. Missed this one? Stay tuned to the newsletter for updates on next year's competition. And in the meantime, keep creating!