Astrology 101: Planetary Meanings

Astrology is a key to understanding ourselves and our world, both on the micro- and macrocosmic levels. In this post, we reveal how the planets influence us in our daily life...

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For millennia, we've been seeking our destiny in the stars. From the Dendera zodiac of Ancient Egypt to the Chinese Shu Xiang, India's Jyotisha astrology and Tibet's Jung-Tsi, planetary meanings have long influenced how we interpret ourselves and the world. Western astrology continues to track the pull of the planets and how they influence us on both the macro and micro levels. 

On a macro level, the College's astrologer, Jackie Henry, reveals how the planetary movements are reflected in the pandemic, and hint at what lies beyond: 'The current Pluto transit through Capricorn (2008–2023) has shaken worn-out establishments to the core. This has culminated in the pandemic and Covid-19. This purging of many established institutions and ideas, perhaps through necessity, facilitates the arrival of Pluto into the revolutionary and futuristic sign of Aquarius in 2024. This will usher us into the new age proper. Pluto in Aquarius will hold a big picture vision of humanity and its ability to progress us into the future and new frontiers.'

Of course, the planets affect us individually on the micro level too. Their influence informs our birth chart, and their progression through the cosmos can be felt in our daily lives. Here are the meanings associated with each planet, and how you might experience their energy.

Planetary symbols used in astrology

Mercury, planet of communication

The planet of communication and transportation, Mercury has gained notoriety for its retrograde moments. The mere mention of Mercury retrograde is enough to bring down Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp (remember that day?!). Mercury governs the way we express ourselves. It is a faster moving planet, meaning it influences our moods and activities on a daily basis. Mercury corresponds with our pinkie finger, so when you need to communicate particularly well, press the tip of your pinkie with your thumb and hold for the duration of that difficult conversation.

Venus, planet of beauty

Venus rules the love and luxury in our life, meaning this planet is all about romance, pleasure and beauty. In the days of the week, Venus rules Friday - and contributes to that special Friday feeling! Venus delights in the wonder of the world. Through this planet, we discover our aesthetic preferences and the things that bring us joy… which links back, of course, to how we like to spend our money. Venus reminds us to appreciate the finer things in life, visit art galleries, indulge in our favourite things, and remember to stop and smell the roses.

Mars, planet of action

Mars is an eager planet that likes to take action and has no problem with asserting itself. This planet is full of enthusiasm, which means it inspires us to initiate our creative projects with confidence and vigour. If you want to apply for a new job, start your own initiative or begin a new health regime, Mars will give you a flying start!

Jupiter, planet of abundance

Everyone's favourite, Jupiter is the Great Benefic. In terms of planetary meanings, Jupiter brings luck and a welcome expansion of all the good stuff, whether that's your friendship circles, bank balance or social life. Yogis tend to hold gyan mudra when meditating - touching the tips of their index fingers, which correspond to Jupiter, with their thumbs. This encourages an expansion of consciousness - ideal for meditation.

Saturn, planet of responsibilities

Where Jupiter brings expansion and joie de vivre, Saturn reminds us it's not all fun and games. This planet means discipline. Saturn reminds us of the rules. We have responsibilities, whether that be our health, our family or our job, and Saturn will give us a smart rap on the wrist if we shirk them. If this taskmaster planet sounds a little stern, he also brings meaning to our life. His lessons help us learn to navigate the laws of the Universe. It is with Saturn's help – his reminders of commitment and discipline – that we are able to progress along our path of spiritual development.

Uranus, planet of awakening

Uranus breaks the mould with new, revolutionary, out-of-the-box ways of thinking. This planet is all about freedom, whether that's expression, thought, or the ultimate freedom – enlightenment / liberation. Uranus is a great friend of the spiritual seeker. This planet invites us to venture into new terrains, to learn new and extraordinary subjects, and to walk the path less travelled.

Neptune, planet of psychic development

According to the College's astrologer Jackie Henry, Neptune is related to imagination, spirituality, mysticism and alternative reality, amongst other things, meaning this dreamy planet is a great friend of The College of Psychic Studies. Neptune is associated with the psyche, including dreams, intuition, the sixth sense and the subconscious. Jackie points out that Jupiter and Neptune came together in the sign they both co-rule, Pisces, in April 2022 for the first time since 1856. This coincides with the blossoming of Spiritualism in the Victorian era... and here we are again, with another renaissance in spirituality!

Pluto, planet of change

All change with planet Pluto! According to Jackie: 'The planet Pluto means power, the death of old ways, purging through necessity and, ultimately, transformation.' This planet means a time of ground-breaking change. Expect drama, and plenty of it! It's time to release outdated behaviours and modes of thinking and step into the new...

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