Days of the week & their planets: How to optimise your diary

Our guide to the planets & days of the week helps you plan your tasks according to the energetic and astrological influences of the day.

By: The College of Psychic Studies.   Posted

The days of the week are ruled by planets and stars. The name of each weekday stems from Roman and Norse mythology, and is infused with the unique energy of its corresponding celestial body. When we align with this energy, we can use it to support our endeavours. So, diaries at the ready...

Monday is governed by the Moon

Monday is ruled by the moon, and the only constant about the moon is that it is always changing. So the advice here is: Do not start anything today! If you have all the best intentions for a new fitness regime or wellness plan, save it for tomorrow instead. The moon rules Cancer, so Mondays are a good day to curl up at home and get on with domestic activities - make this your homely, family-centred day.

Tuesday is governed by Mars

Tuesday's planet is Mars; the warrior planet. Mars rules Aries in the zodiac, making this a day of action and assertion! Today is the day to start that new project, enrol in a course to learn something new, or tackle that DIY project. Mars makes Tuesday a good day for leadership, new starts and taking initiative. However, there may be a tendency towards conflict, so any sensitive or emotional conversations should be saved until tomorrow...

Wednesday is governed by Mercury

The master communicator, the planet Mercury governs Wednesday. It's a good day for a heart-to-heart and clear communication - Mercury rules Gemini, after all. Mercury also rules Virgo, so Wednesday is a good day for practical decisions, organising and making travel plans. Wednesday is a good day to make big decisions and schedule your important meetings.

Thursday is governed by Jupiter

In terms of planetary meanings, Jupiter is all about expansion - expanding consciousness, expanding prosperity, expanding horizons, expanding waistlines - there's a temptation to indulge! Jupiter rules Sagittarius, so this is a wonderful day for spiritual pursuits that take us into new dimensions and on great adventures in consciousness... interesting how so many courses at The College of Psychic Studies start on a Thursday! Today is the day to start a project, to journey - whether outwardly or inwardly - and to get together with your spiritual community for a profound discussion about life, the universe and everything.

Friday is governed by Venus

Ah, Venus, planet of love. The day of the week ruled by this planet was always destined to be everyone's favourite. Friday is the perfect day for socialising, enjoying time with friends and loved ones, having fun and getting married! This is your sparkling party day. Even the most introverted empaths among us might just be tempted to enjoy Venus' conviviality, sensuality and charm on a Friday! Enjoy...

Saturday is governed by Saturn

Saturn is dogged by a somewhat challenging reputation, however we can use his stern taskmaster energy to our advantage. This planet is all about strong boundaries, discipline and commitment. With a steady practice, grounded structure and unwavering determination comes success. Slow and steady wins the race on a Saturday. Don't skip on your meditation or morning pages today! Saturn favours sure and steady steps.

Sunday is governed by the Sun

The Sun sustains life on our planet Earth. As the star that governs Leo, the Sun shines its regal light across the kingdom. It's a day of success, spiritual growth and truth-seeking, and self-expression. Choose today to shine your light in the world.

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