Author & tutor Caroline Mitchell on working with dragon energy

If dragons are popping up everywhere for you, it's a call to start working with them! Here, Caroline Mitchell reveals what you can do with dragon energy...

By: Caroline Mitchell.   Posted

Caroline Mitchell has been working with dragon energy since the dragons first introduced themselves in 2005 during a Reiki attunement. Since then, the dragons have guided her to share their healing with us through her bestselling Dragon Path oracle cards and various workshops. Here, she reveals the different types of dragon, how they can help us and how we can work with them...

Caroline Mitchell standing against a rock of dragon energy

What are dragons?

"I have been asked 'What are dragons?' so many times over the years, along with 'Why dragons?' I actually asked the dragons: 'Why dragons?' and their answer was: 'Why not dragons?'

What I have come to understand from working with the dragons is that they are another form of divine energy. We are familiar with our spirit guides, power animals, angels and so on. The dragons are another form of that divine energy. Dragon energy is immense and powerful. It carries a frequency rather than a vibration. 'Vibration' is what we are used to, with our other spiritual encounters and friends.

Over the last five or so years, the dragons have reached our collective consciousness. People are suddenly having dragons pop up in meditations and dreams. Some of us are simply being drawn to dragons. The dragons tell me that we are all remembering - remembering our past dragon connections."

What were your first dragon encounters?

"I was first introduced to dragons in the early 2000s. In those days, I was incredibly sceptical about the whole dragon thing. My somewhat logical and practical side kept saying dragons, like unicorns, were a step too far!

Oh, but the Universe has such a sense of humour! To parry my scepticism, the dragons and Universe gave me over 40 dragons to work with during my Reiki I attunement in 2005. This included a huge download and instructions of my life's work with them.

It was these first 40-plus dragons that formed the basis of my bestselling deck, the Dragon Path Oracle Cards. They took almost 15 years to move from conception to physical product. This was mainly due to finding an artist the dragons would agree to work with!"

Woman smiling at a friendly dragon sculpture

So are dragons similar to guardians, guides or teachers?

"There are many roles the dragons take on within our Universes and dimensions. Their most challenging work, I am sure, is to be a teacher, guide, healer or guardian to us humans!

For me personally, the dragons have shown themselves as adept and incredible teachers. They have guided me in deep personal healing, spiritual advancement and awareness, accountability, greater personal awareness and personal empowerment."

How do our dragons communicate with us?

"They can – and do – talk with us directly through our meditation practice, but also through the Universe and, in particular, our natural world. Synchronicity abounds when the dragons' energy is at work in your life.

As teachers, they are not averse to giving us a 'dragon slap', which is a dragon 'telling off'. This is always done with kindness, if a little direct. I learnt very swiftly if the dragons want your attention, they will get it! When they come knocking, it's time to listen up."

Antique Chinese painting of a dragon bringing a gift to a monk

How can we work with the dragons?

"Working with the dragons as their student takes many forms. Their instruction and lessons can take anything from a full download in milliseconds of a dragon workshop, to working with them for a few weeks until it is fully integrated into our being.

The lessons and teachings of the dragons are vast and varied! They can be based around working and healing the planet and ourselves, working with the seasons, the moon, other dragon clans and more.

Over the years, I have been given so much information and guidance from the dragons. The dragons usually give me a nudge when I am to either write or meditate with them. This usually occurs when they have something important to share with me. Once I have worked through it and with it, I can then share it with my students and the wider world."

What are the different types of dragon?

"They have taught me, and in turn I have shared with others, about the Dragons of Atlantis, Ancestral Healing with the Avebury Matriarch, Guardian Dragons, the Dragons of Light and much more.

The dragons are all encompassing. The beauty of them is there is always something new to discover and work with. I, for one, never stop learning from them. They are incredible teachers."

How do we know when we're working with dragon energy?

"The energy of the dragons is different to that of the angels. When I first encountered it, it had a weight to it I was unused to. This, in part, is due to their sheer size. I learnt much later it is to do with frequency rather than vibration. The dragons work with light, colour and sound (among other things) so of course frequency, rather than vibration, is their signature.

How can our personal dragons help us?

"To the dragons, nothing in this world is insurmountable, no obstacle is too great. They show us we can be and do anything we choose.

Under their tutelage, they have guided me to grow, not only spiritually but personally. They have challenged and pushed me, walked with me in achieving things I never dreamt possible. In turn, they wish for me to share this with you. They encourage us to be brave, to step up and out of our comfort zone, to embrace change.

The work of the dragons with us as human doings is vast and far reaching. This includes healing on all levels, with particular attention to our emotional wellness. They support our personal and spiritual development along with self-awareness. They ask us to work with the earth matrix and planetary healing, DNA activations, light coding. And this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to working with dragons. It is a liberating, enlightening and ever evolving journey of discovery."

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