Hand reading for relationships and romance, by Felicity Booth

Hand-Reading tutor Felicity Booth reveals what we can learn about a prospective partner through their hands, and how our fingers & palms offer the best relationship advice...

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'Opposites attract'; 'a match made in heaven'; 'they're the one for me'; 'we get on like a house on fire': We have so many sayings to sum up a couple's romance in a neat, little sound byte. However, as we all know, it's never that simple. Relationships are notoriously complicated and difficult to predict. A partnership you thought would last forever can suddenly disintegrate, while one you put your money on not lasting long ends up staying the course. One thing is certain: our compatibility with others, our behaviour in relationships, and even the way we express our desire, can be read in the hands. Hand reading can teach us so much about our approach to romance and what we are seeking in a partner.

The shape of fingers

There are fundamental features expressed in the hands that signify how well two people will get along, as well as how quickly the relationship will fizzle out. For example, the length and shape of the fingers signify particular character traits. If both partners have a similar finger shape and length, they are likely to have complimentary traits that can support each other. However, mirroring our partner so exactly has the potential to stagnate. Knowing this, we can find ways to keep things fresh and dynamic. 

The love element; earth, air, fire or water?

Finger lengths and shapes are just the tip of the iceberg - there are so many signifiers in the hand that, with a little study, can suggest to a hand-reader if two people are likely to live happily ever after, or if their relationship will be stormy. For example, the shape of the palm reveals the element of the hand, and whether we are governed by water, air, earth or fire. Our element deeply influences our behaviour in a relationship, as well as our dynamic with our significant other. Two earth people form a very stable, solid couple that may be more interested in the comfort their relationship provides than the passion side of things. Meanwhile, a fire and a fire's relationship may be volatile, with a passion scale that's off the chart!

Who's in the driving seat?

Additionally, there are signifiers in the hands and the way we use them that reveal our propensity for control and dominance, or submissiveness and an easygoing approach. As hand-readers, we can learn to identify the signs and aspects in the hands that denote a controlling individual, or someone who may prefer their partner to be in the driving seat. It's so helpful to understand your own blueprint, so you can observe in a potential love interest if their hands are compatible with yours... It's empowering wisdom to have at your fingertips!

Hand-reading for a lasting relationship

Hand reading doesn't just alert us to a good match or a doomed pairing at the outset. We can use hand reading to navigate our long-term relationship, too. Two people interacting at close quarters over a long period is a complex dance of fundamental energies, individual temperaments and emotional patterns. Even the most well-suited people need to work at getting along sometimes and there is always a generous dose of compromise and tolerance needed to make the long-haul relationship work. Our hands can help us by revealing our love language, how our partner can support us, and what we need to do to get through rocky patches.

Learn more...

Looking at our hands for romance, partnerships, compatibility and relationship needs will be the subject of my two-part livestream workshop on Tuesday 2nd and Tuesday 9th July 2024. In both sessions, we will look at the fundamental features that give couples a chance of getting along and those that are doomed to dissatisfaction. We will explore power relationships and how control and dominance can show in the hands – and what that means for the partners. And we will be looking at the steamy world of sexual desire and how that expresses itself in the lines on the palm.

This online workshop is open to all, you don't need to be a hand reader already to participate. I will be making the classes as interactive as possible while showing you great examples from my collection. There will be opportunities to look at your own hands and to get a few insights into your own relationship patterns. You will certainly end up with several takeaways that will impress your friends and family! If you haven't read hands before, see it as a taster session. If you are already a seasoned hand reader, it will be a themed session that will give you a new perspective on relationship analysis.

Bring a note pad and bring your hands! You don't need anything else – and I'll see you there. 

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