Portrait of an Artist in a Hand Reading: A Case Study, by Felicity Booth

Hand Analyst & College Tutor Felicity Booth reveals how we can ascertain our ideal career from our hands, and describes the revelatory outcome of her recent hand-reading on an artist...

By: Felicity Booth.   Posted

I recently had the good fortune to read the hands of a woman who was clearly an artist. Her hands were long and slender, she had a particular set of fingerprint patterns that are common on artists, and a clear and elegantly curved Head Line. 

The reading was a profound and moving experience for her. As a young person, she had been very creative. She always loved art at school and had, through her life, enjoyed applying herself to creative endeavours when the need arose (decorating the house or designing a flowerbed in her garden, for example). However, she had never thought of herself as an artist and didn't think she was much good. Life had guided her in other directions but nothing really felt right. To hear that she clearly had a natural talent for colour, form and visual expression seemed to clear a block in her heart. Tears streamed down her face and she left the reading on cloud nine. 

I've heard from her since, and she has a changed outlook on life. She now thinks of herself as an artist and is loving making and creating with a newfound confidence. She feels like she is in the flow of things rather than swimming against the current.

A life-changing moment

This is the transformative power of hand reading. Not everyone has such a deep and meaningful experience for the simple reason that they are already on track doing the things that make them happy. If your activities and forms of expression align with the features on your hand, then a reading will be affirming and confidence-building rather than life-changing. We are always happiest when we are living a life in accord with the features of our hands.

What do your hands say about you?

Our hand shapes and skin texture can tell us a lot about the type of work environment we like to be in. Our fingerprint patterns are fantastic indicators of many key skills and aptitudes. The relative lengths of our fingers can tell us lots about our preferred work style too. And we haven't even got to the lines yet! The Head Line shows us how we think at work and then there are lots of little lines that point to various skills and talents.

Learn the art of hand-reading

Some hand features show key skill sets that point towards different modes of work and expression. Whether you are new to hand reading or coming back for more, you can learn about the amazing world of hand reading. It has had me captivated for over 30 years and I think you will get the bug too once you jump in. Hand reading is a learnt skill that I can teach you, not a psychic talent. I don't read the future or tell fortunes. I read the map of your consciousness laid out on your hand and help you explore your psyche from a totally new perspective!

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