Planetary Healing Begins at Home: The Inner Revolution for COP26

With the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) on the horizon, we're committed to doing our bit for the planet with a rich programme of Earth-conscious, healing events.

By: The College of Psychic Studies.   Posted

The College is passionate about supporting our beautiful planet Earth. Along with COP26, we recognise that climate change is a crucial issue, and we are fastidious about doing our bit. By this, we don't just mean by recycling, making conscious choices and being careful about our carbon footprint - of course we do those too.

We also do our bit for the planet by working on ourselves. By strengthening our intuitive gifts, by self-inquiry, by healing our wounds, by raising our frequency. By deep inner work.

As our inner work continues, our capacity for compassion and empathy grows. Our sensitivity increases, not just to the fluctuations of our interior landscapes, but also to our physical environment. 

That growing sense of compassion, empathy and sensitivity spills out. We become kinder, more caring, more careful. With these qualities at the fore, we qualify as safe custodians of Mother Earth.

Our conclusion: Inner work is key to revolutionary planetary healing.

Supporting COP26

The 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) on 31 October-12 November 2021 shines a light on how important it is that we focus on healing and protecting our beautiful planet. This year hosted in the UK, the conference emphasises that NOW really is the time to step up for the place we call home.

We do this, of course, in practical ways. But, as importantly, we do this by committing wholeheartedly to our inner work. We support and encourage others in their inner work. We work together to cultivate those crucial qualities of compassion, care, kindness and empathy. We must be the change we want to see in the world. Healing begins at home. 

We hope that, with Mother Earth in your heart, you'll join us in working towards planetary healing. Browse our upcoming events here and let's get the inner revolution going! 

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