Learning About Crystals: Obsidian for balancing and grounding

Obsidian has many healing qualities. From snowflake obsidian to keep us balanced to apache tears for shadow work, here Valerie Pitts shares the wonders of this natural glass.

By: Valerie Pitts.   Posted

Obsidian is a natural volcanic form of glass and has been used since prehistoric times to form tools, such as spears, arrowheads, knives, as well as jewellery, mirrors and on shields to protect warriors of old. Some students may have seen the black obsidian scrying mirror in the College archives!

Obsidian is formed when lava rich in silicic acid cools very rapidly so that no crystalline structures can form within it. It therefore does not form crystals but only masses. It contains, however, an iron content and can be good therefore for grounding the heart to Mother Earth.

Rainbow obsidian and silver sheen contain fine glass bubbles giving it some iridescence, whilst snowflake obsidian contains small inclusions of grey feldspar, which look like snow and is good to keep one balanced. Nodules found in Arizona and New Mexico are called apache tears and can be used to connect with our shadow side, working on a etheric level and are good for grief. They are said to be the tears of the Native American tribal women, following the death of many of their menfolk in battle.

Today obsidian can act as a shield of protection for us on our spiritual path, which can sometimes become rocky. It helps us to get rid of any unwanted or unloving thoughts towards our physical form and societal dictates of how we should look or feel. It induces deep magical dreams and brings out our intuitive wisdom.

Nowadays we do not need to use obsidian for war but it is a very good tool to have, especially for protection, grounding, self-transformation and scrying. Rainbow obsidian, like quartz spheres, forms a bridge to connect us to spirit and the Source. This is because the colours black and white actually contain all the colour spectrum of the rainbow within them.

This crystal is good to draw out viruses, toxins or pollutants in our atmosphere and helps us to keep a grip on reality in this ever changing world. It can help us to pinpoint causes of any dis-ease/problems thus enabling us to transform our lives in the way we wish to. This stone is very powerful helping with our transition into higher realms and with protection and grounding, whilst dispersing any illusions we may have.

Although, as a healer, I mainly use crystals for grounding and protection, as well as removing negative energies of all descriptions, cleansing, strengthening and healing, they are also a great tool for psychic development and improving your intuition.

With bright blessings, Valerie Pitts, College Crystal Tutor. 

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