How does a pet psychic work? Beth Lee-Crowther explains...

Animal communicators and pet psychics can articulate the thoughts & feelings of our furry friends. Beth Lee-Crowther reveals how it works...

By: Beth Lee-Crowther.   Posted

I have worked as a pet psychic for over two decades. Ever since childhood, I assumed that if you were an animal lover, or had pets, it was normal to sense their thoughts, feelings, and even pain. It was something that I experienced as naturally as breathing. I would hear animals' thoughts and see visions from them, too. Then, in 2003, I discovered the way I interacted with my pets and other animals actually had a name - animal communication! 

Some animal communicators focus mainly on a telepathic link to the animal to find out more about them. How a pet psychic works is similar, but they also receive information about the pet's owner and what's happening in their lives. A pet psychic can also be called a 'pet medium' or 'pet clairvoyant'.

Beth Lee-Crowther and her chihuahua, and Beth's dog with her book, How to Become a Pet Psychic

My first pet psychic readings

At first, I was sceptical, doubting my ability. I decided to put my skills to the test by offering pet psychic readings. I deliberately chose people and pets who lived far away and who I had no prior knowledge of. I would sit with a photograph of the pet, close my eyes and write down any 'impressions' that came into my mind - the personality of the animal, likes and dislikes, background and home life, health and behaviour issues. I would then relay this information to the owner, usually over the phone. The results and feedback astounded me, as my ability to communicate with animals was validated again and again.

A telepathic connection

These clients often asked me how a pet psychic works. I use a mind-to-mind conscious telepathic and psychic connection to an animal in order to exchange and obtain information. Communicating with an animal is a 'telepathic' and 'psychic' process between the animal and the person. During this process, I'm able to hear, see, feel emotions - and sometimes pain - from the animal I'm communicating with. I am able to interpret this into what the animal wants to say and how they feel. This often includes words, images, feelings, emotions, smell and taste.

Pet Psychic Beth's three dogs, and a portrait of Beth holding her Jack Russell

What happens in a pet psychic reading?

Pet psychic readings are a way for the animal to 'express' themselves through me, acting as their interpreter. My job is to pass these messages on to their owner. This can be a very enlightening experience for the owner who may well see their pet in a new light afterwards. It can make the bond between the two even stronger.

In my pet psychic readings, I have passed many psychic messages on to the pet owner from from both living animals and animals that have crossed to other side. Animals seem to be able to see into our souls and know about the challenges that we have faced. They can talk about things that we have encountered in the past and also look at our present circumstances and even make predictions about our future!

The work of a pet psychic can be particularly useful and enlightening, not only from animals who are well and happy, but also ones who are experiencing behavioural problems, illness, emotional issues and trauma. I believe animals have an acute sixth sense and your pets can know lots about your life, including past, present and even future situations. If you have pets, this allows you to gain a deeper understanding of your animal's needs, and an insight into the way they are behaving and why.

Can anyone become a pet psychic?

I truly believe that most people have the ability to develop their pet psychic skills. Not only can it deepen your relationship with your pet, it can also enrich your life in deep and meaningful ways. If you are open-minded and an animal lover, there is every chance that you will be able to unlock this skill and experience this incredible connection yourself.

I want everyone to be able to access this skill, and have developed my own unique method of teaching you how to be a pet psychic. It's called PACT - Psychic Animal Communication Technique. It's a simple and effective 10-step formula of establishing a telepathic and psychic connection with your pet. I believe that so many people are able to communicate with their pets and other animals too - and are unaware that they are doing so already.

It is very important to acknowledge that animal communication is NOT a substitute for veterinary care. Only a vet can make a diagnosis or a prognosis about an animal's health and I recommend people see their vet if they suspect their pet is unwell.

A little more about Pet Psychic Beth Lee-Crowther

Beth Lee-Crowther has been a professional Pet Psychic and Psychic Medium for over 20 years. She has had regular appearances on ITV's This Morning doing animal readings for both the presenters of the show and the viewers. Her book, Everything you need to know to become a Pet Psychic is an Amazon bestseller. She also has her own weekly radio show which has been running since 2010, every Wednesday on Pulse Talk Radio. Alongside other psychics and mediums, they offer free readings so everyone has the opportunity to experience a pet psychic reading for themselves.

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