How to have a spiritual awakening

If you're reading this, then it's likely you are already on the path of spiritual awakening. Here are seven steps to ensure a healthy, happy journey.

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Allow us to bust a common myth: a spiritual awakening does not necessarily mean an internal eruption of fireworks and laser lights and bells and whistles. For most of us, it is thankfully less dramatic. Our spiritual awakening is more likely a steady and beautiful blossoming; an incremental process of discovering and awakening to our true nature. We are all at various stages of this blossoming. Some of us are tight in our bud, while others are opening fully into the bright light of self-realisation. Here are seven ways to help and support your process...

1 | Ask yourself, 'Am I spiritual?'

If you have landed on this article, it's likely that your spiritual awakening has already begun. And if you are a student at The College of Psychic Studies, it definitely has! But really, the clue as to whether or not you are 'spiritual' lies in the very fact that you are human. We are all 'spiritual' because we are Spirit having a human experience; we are the unmanifest playing with the manifest. If this concept strikes a cord with you, then you can rest assured that you are, indeed, spiritual!

2 | Learn to see Spirit everywhere

Many of us have not yet come to the realisation that we are Spirit / divine / pure consciousness in human form. This is because it's not yet our time, or our lifetime, for this realisation. We may have a few more lessons to learn before we get there. It doesn't mean that if we are spiritual, we are superior or ahead of anyone else. Actually, recognising that we are ALL Spirit is a great equaliser, because we can see Spirit in everyone.

We also see Spirit in everything. All that happens in our life, whether perceived as 'good' or 'bad', comes from Spirit. We tend to become hypnotised by the drama of it all… we forget our true nature and we feel this drama deeply. However, occasionally, we catch a glimpse beyond the veil and we realise that this veil is, indeed, very thin. In these precious moments, we know that ALL is Spirit.

3 | Activate your intuition

When we have a spiritual awakening, we start to question what we have been traditionally taught. We start to look beyond the textbooks and newspapers, and wonder if there might be more to this reality than we studied in our biology, geography and physics classes at school. This is a crucial stage in the process of spiritual awakening, because it means that we are awakening our intuition and expanding our consciousness. When our intuition is developed, we start to access our inner wisdom and guidance. This guidance is very precious on the path of spiritual awakening, because it will lead us, step by step, towards exactly where we are meant to be. Which means to say, exactly where we are, right now, reading this article!

4 | Follow the signs

One of the ways we know that our intuition is awakening, is that we start to recognise the signposts. For example, we might start to become aware of those delightful little breadcrumbs from the Universe. These spiritual clues show up as signs, symbols and synchronicities that encourage us and cheer us onwards. Double digits, recurring symbols, images and words, messages of support and guidance – the more we notice these signs, the more we receive them… and you'll soon learn as you progress along the spiritual path that Spirit has a great sense of humour!

5 | Develop a meditation practice

Whether it's sitting in stillness for 10 minutes each morning, or focusing on the breath while in the supermarket queue, meditation is essential for our spiritual awakening. Not only is meditation the best way to understand how our mind works, it also helps us quieten its drama and noise in order to better hear our inner wisdom. We start to recognise that our thoughts are not necessarily the truth. Indeed, when we are in focused meditation, we create a window through which to glimpse our true nature (ie. Spirit - see above!).

6 | Learn to ground and protect yourself

As our spiritual awakening increases, so too does our sensitivity. We become more empathic. This heightened sensitivity can be difficult to manage, because it means we feel, on a very deep level, the huge shifts currently affecting our world and those in it. For instance, we are more sensitive to other people and their emotions and moods. And when there is so much anger and confusion around, this can be very challenging. If this resonates with you, then you may be a sensitive, or an empath, and you could do with some help in grounding and protecting yourself.

Grounding and protecting ourselves is essential at this stage. This is so we are not drawn into the drama, are not picking up on unhelpful energies, and remain authentic and strong in ourselves and our direction. If you want to learn effective techniques to ground and protect yourself, join our beginner psychic development courses. These classes will help you master these essentials.

7 | Trust the spiritual awakening process

A spiritual awakening is a delightful process of discovery and development. And, with a strong intuition, you can trust it completely. Once you start to listen to and trust your intuition, it's inevitable that you will find yourself following the signs from the Universe… just be sure to follow them!

Why now?

Whichever stage you are at in the spiritual awakening process, why does it seem that more and more of us awakening now? Well, let's face it, Planet Earth is currently no easy place to live. Misinformation, confusion and anger serve as a backdrop to the pandemic, climate change and political fall-out. There's an explanation for all of this. According to yogic astronomy, we are in the bowels of the Kali Yug – the Dark Age. The downside? As its name suggests, this is a pretty dark and messy time to live through. However, on a more positive note, it is said that the harsh climate of Kali Yug brings more of us to have a spiritual awakening. This is because, it is said, through great challenge, comes extraordinary growth. So how can we embrace this opportunity for growth? Here are seven ways...

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