Learning about crystals: Peridot to heal, cleanse & protect

Peridot is a healing crystal. Here, Valerie Pitts shares how we can use it to support a detoxification on all levels of our being.

By: Valerie Pitts.   Posted

Peridot is a crystal of awakening. It originates from volcanos, which, when they erupt, remind us to awaken the many levels of our being. Its bright green colour – due to its iron content – comes straight to us from deep inside Mother Earth. 

This green crystal has a warm energy, which is not surprising taking into account where it comes from. It is believed to be a fire stone. It is a natural antibiotic and works to alleviate many conditions, including issues with the heart, lungs, gallbladder, spleen, intestines (especially ulcers) and metabolism. Indeed, as a healing crystal, peridot helps us to get back into the rhythm of our own cycles and to come back in tune with nature. In this way, it can assist during the process of childbirth.

A crystal for the heart chakra

Peridot has been documented as being used by the Ancient Egyptians for health, success and love, so it is particularly useful for the heart and solar plexus chakras. However, it can be used on all chakras and as part of a set for healing by a trained practitioner. Once the aura is cleansed and aligned on all levels, Peridot can be used as a shield of protection against the evil eye. 

Peridot is a good stone for healers, and those who need more confidence. It can help release, cleanse and neutralise toxins in our bodies. This includes guilt and obsessions, learning to forgive yourself, admitting mistakes and moving on. So it tells us to let go of old patterns which are self-destructive or counterproductive.

Peridot teaches you to connect with your higher self and detach from that which no longer serves you. It supports you in releasing any so-called baggage for your highest good. Peridot is also very useful to heal a bruised ego by releasing any anger or jealousy of others thus bringing more self-love and happiness. Therefore, peridot is a useful healing crystal to help you find your true path or passion on the road to enlightenment. 

With bright blessings, Valerie Pitts, College Crystal Tutor. 

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