Meet spirit artist and art prize finalist RivaEtAl

RivaEtAl's creative talent shone through so brightly in this year's art competition.

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RivaEtAl's creative talent shone through so brightly in this year's art competition at the College. Her Extraterrestrial Female Being made it into the finals, and was also selected by the College Principal, Gill Matini, as a judge's favourite. Here, RivaEtAl reveals what inspires her and how the College has supported her path...

Can you share something of your spiritual journey?

"I have had a loving, life-long connection and resonance with Angelic and Extraterrestrial Beings, which is where my creative impulse comes from."

What inspired the Extraterrestrial Female Being?

"It came through over a period of three days. The presence of the Being was impressed on my psyche during a Skype healing session that my husband and myself shared in. I had experienced visual impressions of this Being previously but none as sharp, vivid or detailed as this."

What technique did you use?

"The drawing process was unusual as the pen literally flew across the page at times, describing different sequences of codings, strings of geometric patterns, detailed designs and what I am sure are scripts in languages I can not read! The work happened in several areas simultaneously, revealing the image in stages. I have not brought through a drawing like this before which, in reality, drew itself! What began as a simple pencil outline drawing of the head, became denser, blacker and more intricate as the drawing emerged and felt like the energy of the Being became more and more embodied into the drawing."

Can you explain the symbolism?

"To me, the image has vibrational aspect and is dynamic, not static, when I look at it. I especially enjoyed working on the halo area which has a feeling of the 'One and Many Aspects' which this Being represents. The throat area has a special significance. I felt the collar is formulated of a living organic matrix substance known as 'Black Light Corpuscles' which has as yet unknown and untapped healing properties. The patterns are called Proto-Geometries and are in constant fluid, liquid-like motion. I kept the drawing of the eyes until the very end, as I was uncertain how these would work out. I was shown in dream time, at night, several ways to complete these. This reminded me that when sculptures are created of deities in some traditional cultures, the final ceremony is the 'Opening of the Eyes' which brings a vital, animated quality to the work."

How did The Light Vehicle (a shortlisted piece) come into being?

"The Light Vehicle didn't take as long to complete and feels like one version of many, many possibilities of configuration. In fact, I am sure that there will be several variations of these drawn at some time in the future. The Light Vehicle is the energy signature of the Being when travelling through space/time. It is a Merkabah of sorts, which displays all the resonant codings of the Being and shows how both drawings actually represent the same energy."

And how about The Spirit of the Iris Flower?

"The drawing of The Spirit of The Iris Flower came through during a beautiful communion with an iris that was in a bouquet bought from the supermarket during lockdown. I found that the company of flowers for myself and my husband brought sheer joy into the house during this time. I worked with a set of watercolours and the blue violet hue matched the intensity and vibrancy of the flowers."

How does it feel to do so well in the College's art competition?

"I have never previously entered an art competition, but I felt impelled to enter these works. I am certain that the Extraterrestrial Female Being drawing created 'Itself' especially for the occasion, as I was still working on it until 11.30pm before the competition deadline. I am a member of the College and have attended several different teachers' seminars and workshops. Each one offers another facet of the mystery! I was absolutely delighted and staggered that this image did so well in the competition and was warmly received at an institution that I hold a profound respect for. I was a trifle apprehensive about submitting an image of an Extraterrestrial Being in case I may be judged negatively. I don't share my private spiritual beliefs generally in the world unless with like-minded people and it is very safe to do so. I have realised over the years that whilst many people are able to connect or tolerate my interest in Angels or Elementals, that an interest in Extraterrestrials can still be viewed with some suspicion or fear… So I felt I was taking a huge risk submitting this image but the response it has received has been very reassuring."

Do you have any advice for aspiring spirit artists?

"Don't be afraid to draw or paint or create about your unique individual perception as we each have a sacred right to express our vision. I haven't had much time to devote to expressing my vision creatively over the years and always feel my technical skills are lacking. The images that emerge can be in very different styles or media and quite primitive but with the success of this piece, I certainly feel more inspired and confident to develop my practice and am excited about what direction the next pieces of work may take…"

All images © RivaEtAl

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