Your Peach Blossom Star: Romantic Relationships in Chinese Astrology

In Chinese Astrology, our Peach Blossom determines our romance, popularity and charisma. Discover where your Peach Blossom star lies in your chart, and what that means for you.

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There is so much more to Chinese astrology than the 12 zodiac animals. Most of us know our Chinese animal, and perhaps we even know who our allies and enemies are among them. But there is SO much more that our Chinese astrology chart can tell us about our character, our destiny, our passions and peeves, our auspicious times, days, months and years (and the less auspicious ones), the colours that support us, and, of course, the romance factor in our life. This romance factor is known as our 'Peach Blossom' star in Chinese astrology. Here, we reveal more about it.

What does the Peach Blossom star mean?

In Chinese astrology, 'Peach Blossom' (桃花, Taohua) refers to a particular astrological star or influence that signifies romantic attraction, charm, and social popularity. It is often associated with love, beauty, and relationships. We each have a Peach Blossom star that is uniquely placed in our Chinese astrology chart. 

The symbolism of the Peach Blossom 

You may have come across vases of peach blossom and polished jade peach tree ornaments in your local Chinese store or restaurant. In Chinese folklore, peach trees symbolise vitality, longevity, romance - they represent juicy sweetness in life. This folklore is the basis for Peach Blossom in Chinese astrology. Our Peach Blossom star is believed to bring increased charm and attractiveness, making us more appealing and magnetic. 

How to calculate your Peach Blossom star

Each of us has a unique placement for our Peach Blossom, depending on our Chinese zodiac animal, and the year, month, day and hour of our birth. The Peach Blossom is particularly highlighted in the Four Pillars of Destiny (Bazi) analysis. Visit this helpful website to determine your BaZi Chinese astrology chart. You'll find your Peach Blossom placement in this chart.

What your Peach Blossom says about you

We all know someone who has bags of appeal; they are incredibly popular, exuding a magnetic quality that draws people towards them. They also have no difficulty in finding a romantic partner! This individual likely has a strong Peach Blossom influence in their Chinese astrology chart. Those of us with a strong Peach Blossom influence are often charismatic, sociable, and attractive. They tend to have more opportunities for romantic relationships and are generally well-liked in social situations. However, excessive Peach Blossom influence can sometimes lead to a tendency for promiscuity or relationship instability.

Harnessing your Peach Blossom for sweeter romance

With the help of Chinese astrology, we can harness our Peach Blossom lucky star. Our chart can reveal those periods in our life when romance is particularly well-starred for us. It can reveal when we are likely to experience increased romantic opportunities as well as social successes - those times when we are the most popular person at the party! We can activate Peach Blossom luck using Feng Shui practices... in fact, those sprigs of peach blossom and pretty carved peach trees mentioned above, when placed in the perfect corner of your home, will bring much success in matters of the heart and social life.

Steering clear of the Peach Blossom shadow

Of course we all want the Peach Blossom's sweeter relationships and more romance. However, the Peach Blossom star has a shadow in that it can also influence infidelity, promiscuity, fleeting romances and flighty love affairs. In the same way that we can use Feng Shui in our home to improve our Peach Blossom's romance factor, we can also use techniques to keep our Peach Blossom on track in terms of building firm foundations for our long-term relationships and happy social life.

Your Peach Blossom remedies

To activate, balance, harmonise and sweeten our Peach Blossom star to enhance our romantic prospects, we can turn to certain remedies that are suited to you. Depending on your unique Peach Blossom placement, you can wear specific colours, place certain objects around your home, and engage in particular activities that align with your Peach Blossom star.

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