What's your Chinese zodiac animal? by Janine Lowe

What does your Chinese zodiac animal say about you? Chinese astrologer Janine Lowe reveals the core traits, passions and peeves according to each birth year...

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Understanding your Chinese zodiac animal can provide valuable insights into your personality, strengths and struggles. It helps you embrace your unique characteristics, and empowers you to navigate life's adventures to bring success and happiness in all areas of your life. So what does your Chinese zodiac animal say about you? First, find your animal in the graph below (if you don't already know it). Then read on to discover how insightful the Chinese zodiac system really is...

First, find your Chinese zodiac animal from your birth year in this chart:

Chinese zodiac animal years

Rat (鼠 - Shǔ)

Being born a rat, you are resourceful, adaptable, and quick-witted. You love to strike up a conversation and talk for hours about your favourite subject. If you are at a party, you will be on the edge of the action, chatting away to the sage Dragon or having a laugh with the Monkey. However, you are prone to being overly critical and can be stubborn on occasions.

Ox (牛 - Niú)

Oxen are known for their dependability and strong work ethic. They are methodical, patient and are loved by their friends. On the negative side they can be a bit stubborn. In Chinese Astrology, their friends are Snakes & Roosters.

Tiger (虎 - Hǔ)

Like tigers in the wild, Tigers love to play. They are courageous and confident. Add charisma to this and you will find yourself having fun when you go out with a Tiger. They thrive in competitive environments. However, they can also be impulsive and a little hot-tempered. With Tiger children, you will need patience, but as they grow, they gain more self-control. Their playmates are Horses, Dogs & Pigs.

Rabbit (兔 - Tù)

The Rabbit is one of the most sensitive and compassionate animals of the Chinese zodiac animals. They value harmony and peace, and often have a strong artistic or creative side. Rabbits love family events and are happiest when surrounded by friends. However, they are prone to moodiness and indecisiveness. Rabbits, your friendship group includes Goats & Dogs.

Dragon (龙 - Lóng)

I always see Dragons as the sage of the Chinese zodiac animals. They are also powerful, ambitions and charismatic. Generally, Dragons can be natural born leaders and are often successful in business and creative pursuits. However they can also be arrogant and tactless. Dragons love to spend time around Rats, Roosters and Monkeys, who can bring out the best in the Dragons nature.

Snake (蛇 - Shé)

Snakes are one of the Chinese zodiac's most intuitive animals. They are also intelligent and enigmatic. Snakes possess a keen intellect and are skilled at analysing situations and people. However, they can be secretive, which in turn may make people distrust them. Their buddies are Monkeys, Oxen and Roosters.

Horse (马 - Mǎ)

In the Chinese zodiac animals, Horses are the adventurers. They are independent and energetic. I also class this Chinese animal as one of the sexiest signs. Their passion for life and their cravings for freedom and excitement mean that they excel in careers and relationships. Live is never dull with a Horse around. However, they may also be impatient and restless, requiring focus and discipline to achieve long-term goals. Sheep/Goats, Tigers, and Dogs are a winning team for the Horse.

Sheep / Goat (羊 - Yáng)

The yin (female) energy of the Goat is gentle, kind-hearted, and artistic. They value beauty and harmony and are often drawn to creative pursuits. If you want someone to negotiate between business and personal life, Goats are your people. However, the flip side is that they can also be indecisive themselves and prone to self-doubt. Horse, Dogs, Rabbits & Pigs help them with their confidence and assertiveness to succeed.

Monkey (猴 - Hóu)

Monkeys are both clever and playful. They possess a sharp mind and are skilled at problem-solving and communications. However, they can also be mischievous and manipulative, Often, Monkeys will hide their emotions when they are sad and this can lead to depression. If you are a Monkey, spend time with Rats, Dragons, and Snakes - they have your back.

Rooster (鸡 - Jī)

The lovely Rooster is confident, outspoken, and ambitious. They are natural leaders and are often successful in a competitive environment. However, they can be critical and impatient as they are compulsive timekeepers - when others are late it will irritate them. The Rooster loves spending time with Dragons, Ox, Snakes and Monkeys.

Dog (狗 - Gǒu)

Like the loyal family pet, Dogs are loyal, honest, and dependable. They value loyalty and friendship and are fiercely protective of their loved ones, However, they can also be pessimistic and stubborn, required optimism and flexibility to overcome challenge. The people to help them are Tigers, Horses, and Pigs.

Pig (猪 - Zhū)

People born in the year of the Pig are kind-hearted, generous, and easy-going - unless you are eating a loud packet of crisps. Pigs have a tendency for OCD and like everything in its place. They value harmony and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. However, they can also be naïve and indulgent, requiring discipline and moderation to achieve their goals. Spending time with Tiger, Rabbits & Goats works perfectly for them.

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