Scrying reflections on a Black Obsidian Mirror

'Magic mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?' Disney's magic mirror was, no doubt, a black obsidian mirror; scrying tool of choice for anyone seeking answers. Here's why...

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Obsidian is an enigmatic crystal, its dark gleam offering an inspiring focus for meditation and reflection. It is a consistently popular choice in The College of Psychic Studies' crystal shop in London, UK. Many are drawn to our obsidian crystal orbs, surprisingly lightweight but with a dense, grounding energy and highly reflective surface. Occasionally, we receive an order of black obsidian mirrors. These precious objects sell out within a matter of days, as our students know their immense value as a scrying tool. Black obsidian mirrors offer us a clear window into the past, present and future, and those who have used them for scrying never look back! 

What is black obsidian & why is it used for scrying?

A black obsidian mirror is made from polished black obsidian, which is a natural volcanic glass known for its reflective properties. This dark mirror is, indeed, surprisingly reflective, a mysteriously inverted version of our everyday mirror at home. When we gaze into the black obsidian mirror's surface, and allow our mind to enter the trance-like state appropriate for scrying, we are invited on a vivid journey into the psyche, where visions, symbols and impressions appear to offer insights and guidance.

A window to the Aztec god of sorcery & smoking mirrors

We can thank the Aztecs for highlighting obsidian as something pretty special. They prized the stone for its sharpness, using it to create tools and weapons. However, they also used the stone for ceremonial objects. Among these sacred objects were polished black obsidian mirrors. These mirrors were used by priests for divination, spiritual rites, and religious ceremonies. The priests venerated the intense reflective property of the black obsidian mirror, believing it to reveal hidden truths, provide access to the spirit world, and communicate with god of night, smoking mirrors and sorcery, Tezcatlipoca. They would gaze into the mirror's surface to seek visions, guidance, or insights from spirit, much as we do in contemporary scrying practices today. 

Beyond Mesoamerica, obsidian mirrors and their reflective qualities were also recognised and used in various other ancient cultures, including ancient Egypt, Greece, and China, albeit with different cultural interpretations and applications.

A true survivor

Those who have attended a scrying class at The College of Psychic Studies will, of course, be aware of the significance of black obsidian mirrors in contemporary divination practices. The effectiveness of black obsidian mirrors as a scrying tool has sealed their longevity and ensured their survival into the modern day. Black obsidian mirrors remain valued tools for meditation, introspection, and divination in certain spiritual traditions. So how, exactly do we use black obsidian mirrors for scrying to get the most out of them?

How to scry with a black obsidian mirror

Scrying with a black obsidian mirror involves a process of focusing, entering a relaxed or meditative state, and allowing your mind to connect with the mirror's reflective surface to seek insights, visions, or guidance. Our step-by-step guide on how to scry using a black obsidian mirror gives you an idea of how it's done:

  1. Prepare your space: Find a quiet and comfortable place where you won't be disturbed. Dim the lights or use candlelight to create a calm atmosphere.
  2. Cleanse and attune the mirror: Some practitioners prefer to cleanse the mirror before use. This can be done through rituals such as smudging with sage, using crystals like clear quartz, or simply setting an intention for the mirror's use.
  3. Set your intention: Clarify your purpose for scrying. Whether seeking guidance, insights, or connection, setting a clear intention helps focus your mind.
  4. Relax and clear your mind: Sit comfortably and take a few deep breaths to relax. Clear your mind of distractions or thoughts that might interfere with your focus.
  5. Gaze into the black obsidian mirror: Hold the obsidian mirror at eye level or slightly below. Fix your gaze on the mirror's surface without straining your eyes. Soften your focus and allow your vision to become slightly unfocused.
  6. Enter a trance-like state: Keep your gaze steady and relaxed. Some people find it helpful to let their mind wander while maintaining awareness. Others might focus on a particular point or area within the mirror.
  7. Observe any images or impressions: Be open to receiving information or visual cues. You might see shapes, symbols, images, or experience sensations, feelings, or thoughts. Trust your intuition and take note of anything that stands out.
  8. Interpretation: After scrying with your black obsidian mirror, reflect on what you experienced. Interpret the symbols or images you saw, considering their relevance to your intention or situation.
  9. Closing the session: When your scrying session is complete, thank the mirror and conclude your session. Some practitioners like to cleanse or protect the mirror after use. Be sure to always ground and protect yourself after any spiritual practice.

    Scrying is a personal and subjective practice. It might take time to develop proficiency, and interpretations can vary widely. Trust your intuition and practice regularly to enhance your scrying abilities.

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