Tarot Tales with creator of the Omni Tarot, Olivia M. Healy

Fierce, fresh and feminine, Omni Tarot is new to the cartomancy party, and is already making its mark. Here, its creator, Olivia M. Healy, shares her tarot musings.

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Award-winning illustrator Olivia M. Healy is blazing a trail in tarot. She unleashed her matriarchal Omni Tarot in 2021 via Kickstarter, and the newest arrival at the tarot party is already making its mark. These cards are bold, contemporary and fiercely feminine. Here, we chat to Olivia about her own journey with the tarot cards.

Omni Tarot major arcana

What's your favourite tarot deck?

"I don't own many decks, but from what I've seen of it online I love the Barbara Walker Tarot. I love how it feels both creepy and camp."

What first sparked your interest in the tarot?

"I was searching for inspiration for my illustration degree while also trying to gain an understanding of lucid dreams I was having and my subconscious. Tarot seemed like the perfect project for me to work on and grow as an artist and individual."

Barbara Walker Tarot -  Olivia Healy's favourite deck

Where did you get your first deck?

"I got my first deck from the Astrology shop in Covent Garden."

What do you remember about your first ever tarot reading?

"I remember it was a three card spread and included the Death card but I found the reading so accurate and it really excited me."

Which tarot card most represents you?

"It is a toss up between Temperance and Moon, mostly because they match up well with my Libra Sun and Scorpio Moon."

Olivia M Healy and her cats

Any favourite tarot rituals?

"I love lighting candles and clearing the space I will be laying out the spread."

What do you love most about the tarot?

"I love that it has a universal language and history of meanings to each card, but can also be used intuitively and creatively. This is what made illustrating my own deck so special."

Omni Tarot deck and cards by Olivia M Healy

Quickfire round:

Dominant colour in your wardrobe? Black & blue
Dog or cat person?
I was a dog person, and then I got my cats Howl and Reaper and now I am a cat convert.
What's on your bedside table? 
I'm trying to be more minimalist so right now it is completely clear.
Last movie you watched?
The Lighthouse
Your guilty pleasure?
True Crime documentaries
Breakfast of champions? 
Homemade smoothie
Favourite time of day?
I am an early morning person, I feel like it is the most private time when you can really focus on yourself.
Where did you grow up?
Connecticut in the US
Last thing that made you laugh?
My cat's antics
Have you ever seen a ghost?
I swear I was visited by one in a dream before, my entire body felt ice cold suddenly and I woke covered in goosebumps.

Listen in to our conversation with Olivia M Healy about her passions and inspirations right here.

Olivia M Healy spoke on Femininity and Gender Identity: The Omni Tarot at our Tarot Weekend in November 2022.

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