What to expect from a psychic mediumship reading

Senior College Tutor & Consultant Gerrie March shares six tips on how you can get the most from your one-to-one psychic mediumship reading...

By: Gerrie March.   Posted

You've booked a psychic mediumship reading and are getting excited - and perhaps a little nervous - wondering what to expect. Psychic medium Gerrie March, who has been conducting readings and classes with The College of Psychic Studies since 1983, is just the person to advise. Here, she shares a few tips on what to expect from your psychic mediumship reading so you can really get the most from it.

1. Be open!

To receive the best results from your reading with a psychic medium, it is important to remember that they are working spontaneously. The psychic medium does not know in advance what the content of the information will be. In this sense, you are both in the same situation - both entering the unknown. Therefore, nothing can be guaranteed and every consultation is an experiment. When you understand this, you will gain much more from your session.

2. Drop your expectations

Expectations are to be expected! Of course we have expectations about what might be received in our psychic mediumship reading. However, you will benefit much more if you can put aside your expectations about receiving specific information. Approach the consultation with an open mind and remain receptive to whatever may come. 

3. But I want to speak to...!

The 'no expectations' rule especially applies when we're seeking out a specific spirit communication. These expectations can actually prevent information from coming. They can form an energy which is difficult for the psychic medium or spirit person/animal to penetrate effectively.

The medium cannot command a specific spirit to communicate with them, and so we cannot guarantee that contact will be made with a particular person. Very often, those communicating from the spirit realm are family members or friends, but not necessarily the person you might be hoping to communicate with. However, if you remain patient and open, the medium can sometimes encourage the connection you are hoping for.

It does sometimes happen that the psychic medium will receive information which may be what you need to know at that time, as opposed to what you have asked to know. When asking for evidence of survival, please approach the session with an open mind.

4. I have a question

Of course we have questions when we go into a psychic mediumship reading. Psychic mediums are trained to give useful and meaningful information. Therefore many of your questions may be addressed during the consultation. If your questions have not been answered in the course of the consultation, you may wish to flag them up for discussion around 10 minutes before the end of your session. The danger in asking a specific question of a consultant right at the start is that they are then placed under pressure to answer. It is not certain whether their opinion may be received, or whether the answer comes from their psychic intuition or mediumistic skill.

5. Can I have another session?

After your psychic mediumship reading, if you are uncertain about the procedure for further consultations or for the length of time needed after a bereavement, do not hesitate to ask your consultant. Communicate your needs clearly if asked by the psychic/medium, but be aware that the answers given might be different to those which you are expecting.

6. Enjoy it!

Enjoying your consultation is very important to us psychic mediumship consultants, and we therefore very much hope that you will!

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