What's on: 9 Oct

Opening to the Arcturians

Opening to the Arcturians

Carol Nayach
Tuesday 9 October
7:00pm - 8:30pm

A very warm greeting to you all from the Arcturians.

The Arcturians first connected with Carol a few years ago when she read a paragraph from one of David Miller’s channelled books.

The Arcturian Helio-Ah came straight in through her crown and started working with her in her heart. Carol later discovered that she is an Arcturian starseed and has been working diligently with them and other ascended beings ever since, channelling their multidimensional energies. Not many people had heard of the Arcturians at that time and not much was known about them. Now interest is growing as our consciousness is expanding and they very much wish to reach out to everyone who is open to connecting with them.

They are said to be the most highly evolved beings in our section of the universe and are assisting us in the ascension process, so Carol looks forward to telling us more about them.

After our talk and discussion, Carol will lead us into a meditation where these beautiful beings will make a connection with you, if you so wish.


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