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Balance Your Body and Mind with Kundalini Yoga

Balance Your Body and Mind with Kundalini Yoga

Gemma Bliss
Monday 4 March
12:00pm - 4:00pm

Kundalini yoga raises our vibration and connects us to our divinity, our infinite self.

It helps to shift our consciousness from the lower triangle of the muladhara, swadisthana and manipura chakras to the higher anahata, vishuddha, ajna and sahasrara centres.

By doing this we transform the heavier energies associated with our lower three chakras, such as insecurity, greed, addictions and egotism to the qualities of compassion, love, forgiveness and connection that are inherent with the higher four.

This kundalini yoga workshop works with specific kriyas, meditations, mantras and breath work to raise the energy from the lower to the higher chakras, raising our vibration to lofty heights and enabling us to be embodied angels on earth.

Gemma Bliss

I have worked with many styles of yoga - from Ashtanga to Vinyasa for more than ten years and teach Kundalini and general hatha yoga. When not teaching yoga I write regular magazine features for Om Yoga, Yoga and Everyday Health.


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