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Following Your Bliss: Accessing Your True Soul Purpose

Following Your Bliss: Accessing Your True Soul Purpose

Judy Hall
Saturday 23 February
10:00am - 5:00pm

As a karmic counsellor, one of the most frequent questions Judy is asked is why am I here, what am I meant to be doing?

From over 45 years of regressing people to the between life state and reading birthcharts from the karmic and soul perspective, it has become obvious to Judy that some people plan their new incarnation extremely carefully, but others bounce back without much thought, drawn back by unfinished business or soul contracts that may well be outdated.

Those who plan carefully almost always have a purpose to develop or a desire to evolve. But even so the plan - a soul imperative, may be a hangover from another life.

Just as our small self, what we could perhaps call the psychological self - can have unconscious desires and imperatives born out of previous conditioning directing behaviour, so too can our higher self.

If we had a strong soul purpose in the past and it was not fulfilled, it could be operating unconsciously and might subtly subvert current life intent.

An imperative is not a conscious choice. It is a directive arising directly from the past. It may nonetheless appear to be coming from the highest level of guidance rather than from a deeply unconscious place. It represents a past that may need to be transcended, renegotiated or transformed.

In this experiential workshop we will be discovering how these soul imperatives might be interfering with our true soul purpose and how to switch over to that purpose with the assistance of appropriate crystals to contact our higher selves.

Judy Hall

Judy Hall is an internationally known healer, author and psychic. She has over 40 books to her credit including The Crystal Bible, which has been translated into 15 languages. Judy has been listed four times in Watkins Review of the 100 most spiritually influential living people. She has also been awarded the 2014 Kindred Spirit MBS Personality title.


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