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A Day with the Arcturians and Lord Sananda

A Day with the Arcturians and Lord Sananda

Carol Nayach
Saturday 9 March
10:00am - 5:00pm

The Arcturians, said to be the most highly evolved beings in this section of our universe, are excited to spend another day with us. Carol works with channelling their energies as they oversee our ascension process under the direction of Lord Sananda and Archangel Metatron. It is said that once the Arcturians put their energy around a planet the beings evolve very quickly. They assist us in accelerating our evolutionary process, raising our frequency and spiritual light quotient as their energy transmissions bring healing, activations and higher information.

As we continue to raise our frequency, our consciousness expands and we receive more activations and volumes of light and love.

Carol will be working with the Arcturians and Sananda, channelling the Christ Consciousness energy, moving us out of the illusion of the 3D matrix and lifting us into the reality of the higher realms where only love and light exists. Here we realise that God is love, that we are love and in oneness with all that Is.

The Arcturians will be communicating with us on all levels to release any limiting programming which holds us back, preventing us from accepting the truth of who we are: powerful beings of light. As all unworthiness dissolves away, we return to the true self and merge with the divine as Lord Sananda gifts us with his flame of restoration and resurrection.

This is the potential of all those on the path to the light and is available now. We hold the light for humanity and for beloved Gaia in the ascension process. We have a great mission to fulfill. Let us combine our energies and work together to fulfill this sacred m i s s i o n .


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