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Cancelled! Journeys Through Sound: To the Silence Within- Places available on Saturday one. Cancelled! Journeys Through Sound: To the Silence Within- Places available on Saturday one.

Cancelled! Journeys Through Sound: To the Silence Within- Places available on Saturday one.

Sri Anish & Anandi .
Sunday 17 March
10:00am - 7:00pm

This workshop runs from 10-7pm. During the 5-7pm section there will be kirtans with Sri Anish and musician friends.

All life is vibrations and all sounds too are vibrations and frequencies. From sound all life comes and in sound all life returns. But in between, we are given a chance, an opportunity to experience and realize a sound which the ancient masters have called the 'soundless sound'. It is soundless, but it is still called a sound, because we can hear it - not from our ears, but in the deep interiority of our being. It exists, not as sound that we know of, but as soundless sound, an unstruck sound which in Hindi l anguage is called “Anhad Naad”.

This soundless sound is the basis of all life, and the sound as we know it is a bridge between the form and the formless. Establishing oneself in it brings a deeper harmony and connectedness in one’s life.

This connectedness is what each human being is searching for through various means.

In this one day retreat, we will discuss, learn and experience:

  • What is the connectedness that each of us is searching for and how can this be experienced through sound
  • What are our current ways and means to find connection, and are these working?
  • What are the real ways of finding connection within each of us and beyond
  • How can sound ultimately take you into the silence within
  • We will experience powerful meditations on sound, with take-home practices for participants
  • We will also experience the deep space within each of us through the energy of mantra, chanting, humming and kirtans

This one-day program is a beautiful synthesis of many paths of spiritual knowing, and the participants will experience the flavour of many spiritual traditions of the East.

Satsanghs (Dialogues on Truth) Satsanghs are deep dialogues with a friend/guide in the format of questions and answers, interactive and engaging to help us clear the clouds of doubts, and to see things as they are, clear, authentic, in the l ight of universal truth.

Kirtans (arranging ancient mantras, sound patterns and chants with musical notes & rhythms) Kirtans invoke deep feelings in us, pure, un-coloured divine love and remembrance, gratitude and prayerfulness, joyous, celebrative and ecstatic. In the collective presence of each participant, the process can become much deeper and lasting. What is received through the ears directly goes into your deeper being then through any other sense be it of seeing, smelling, tasting or touch.

Meditations on sound We will do certain powerful meditations on sound from the ancient eastern traditions; it brings deeper healing and allows us to experience spaces of silence, hidden deep in our beings. If we allow ourselves, this silence will become more and more established in us and the secrets of l ife, the nature of reality gets revealed to us.

Sri Anish

Sri Anish. After creating a high-profile career in the corporate sector, Sri Anish was pulled into finding “Who Am I”. For over a decade, he kept himself hidden from the world outside, going deeper into the secrets of inner world. Very recently, he started making himself available to all. Sri Anish now travels across the world, guiding seekers on the path. He conducts regular Satsanghs (Dialogues on Truth) and retreats with sincere seekers. He also takes friends on pilgrimages to important spiritual places in India, the flavour of these pilgrimages are like travelling retreats.

Anandi .

Anandi - A meditator and an example of spirituality in day to day life activities, Anandi dedicated herself into inner quest and knowing 21 years ago. A keen sense of music and “sound” as her Sadhana (spiritual practice), she spends a lot of her time diving deep into the sounds and its silence. For her, each aspect of life is pure spirituality and an opportunity to be more awakened. Anandi leads meditation groups and does regular Kirtans (spiritual singing and chanting). When not travelling, she spends great deal of her energies into organic farming and creative holistic cooking.


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