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Why Science Leaves So Much Out: What lies Beyond the Observable and the Measurable

Why Science Leaves So Much Out: What lies Beyond the Observable and the Measurable

Oliver Robinson
Tuesday 2 July
7:00pm - 8:30pm

Science often purports to present a complete, albeit provisionally complete, picture of reality.

This includes the claim to a complete account of the origins of life and a complete account of what constitutes reality.

However, there are strong philosophical and empirical arguments why the model of the world that science presents is inevitably only part of reality, and part of the truth.

The great mystic and philosopher Huston Smith suggested that science accesses about half of what constitutes reality.

This evening Oliver will talk about why science as an approach to knowledge struggles with the transcendent and with the whole idea of intelligences and purposes beyond the brain.

He will present clear arguments why the idea of a transcendental reality is entirely congruent with contemporary science, and why it is correct and healthy to assume that science is ideally complemented by spirituality, as two halves of a greater whole.

Oliver Robinson

Oliver Robinson is a psychologist and interdisciplinary thinker based at the University of Greenwich. His writing and research covers psychology, philosophy and mysticism. His new book is: Paths Between Head and Heart: Exploring the Harmonies of Science and Spirituality.


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