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What's on: 10 Sep

Nutrition and Spirituality: How Food & Our Beliefs About it Can Affect us on all Levels

Nutrition and Spirituality: How Food & Our Beliefs About it Can Affect us on all Levels

Harry MacDonald
Tuesday 10 September 2019
7:00pm - 8:30pm

As people grow in consciousness, important questions are being asked about how food affects us.

Consequently, there is now an abundance of information available on the subject. Much of it, however, it is hopelessly contradictory, leaving the honest nutritional seeker perplexed: every food is either ‘good’ or ‘bad’ depending on who’s interpreting the evidence.

In the spiritual community, nutrition is ascribed greater significance than ever; but many are disappointed when their diets fail to deliver the promised results.

So, how should we eat to support our physical health? Should we be vegan or paleo, Low-carb or fruitarian? What is the connection between our diet and our spiritual development; how should we eat to raise our vibration and expand our psychic awareness?

In this talk, Harry will explore all these questions, as well as addressing our beliefs about food and the philosophy that guides our search for answers.

He will explain how a shift in perspective may be exactly what we need in these times of change. Finally, he will share a new approach to nutrition, one that he hopes will allow us to resolve our confusion, improve our health, rediscover the joy of eating, and allow a greater recognition of our truest nature.


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