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Overcoming Anxiety - HERE TO BE HAPPY

Overcoming Anxiety - HERE TO BE HAPPY

Anna Parkinson
Saturday 7 September
10:00am - 5:00pm

This workshop focuses around the root of your energy and it is the best place to start to begin a process of transforming your life.

You will participate in exercises designed to help you identify and change the fundamental cause of emotional difficulties that include fear and anxiety, difficulty in trusting, a perception of lack or poverty, or difficulties with job, money or home.

On a physical level, weaknesses in this part of your energy can manifest as trouble with feet, legs and hips, teeth, nose or sinuses and problems with lymph glands and the body’s elimination and digestion system, as well as diseases that affect the skeleton or bones.

Anna explains how energy works in the body and takes you through methods that make a palpable difference to your feelings and your experience of life. She aims for you to experience change in a day through your body, thoughts, and feelings.

Anna Parkinson

Busy BBC Journalist Anna, was told she had a brain tumour and that it was inoperable, Anna searched and tried every solution until at last, she discovered healing.

Eight years after the initial diagnosis, without medical intervention, Anna


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