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What's on: 26 Oct

CANCELLED  Working with the Dark Crone Goddess of Samhain  CANCELLED

CANCELLED Working with the Dark Crone Goddess of Samhain CANCELLED

Sarah Jane Dennis
Saturday 26 October 2019
10:00am - 5:00pm

Samhain is in the Celtic tradition, the New Year’s Eve.

It is one of the cross quarter days situated between the Autumn Equinox and the Winter Solstice.

This is a time of divination, for communion with the dead, of endings and transformation. On this night the veil between the worlds is thin and the world of spirits, ancestors and mortals might meet.

Within the cycle of the Goddess as Crone, she now deepens into herself and enters her cave, the place between the worlds where she tends to her cauldron, stirring her sacred brew ready for those who seek to drink her liquescent magic and journey with her, to let go of the old and embrace the new.

Join Sarah Jane on this day to learn:

  • The history of Samhain and how to authentically celebrate it, including drumming and songs
  • About the Celtic Dark Goddesses, Kerridwen, Shela Na Gig and Morgen. Their animals and other properties • How to harness their gifts and healing powers throughout the season of Samhain
  • How to create a ceremony and ritual to honour our beloved family members and ancestors who have passed over the other side
  • Making your own Goddess from clay to adorn your altar
  • How to create and dedicate your altar
  • What crystals to use to connect with at Samhain and how to properly cleanse, attune and dedicate them
  • A crystal guided journey to meet the Crone Goddess and your own shadow side for deep healing.
  • Sowing seeds of new intention

Sarah Jane Dennis

Sarah Jane has always been sensitive to the energies of spirit, angels, elementals like fairies and crystals to name a few.

Her first crystal, a piece of amethyst, found her when she was about six years old and digging around her grandma's garden, and there forged a lifelong journey between her and the beautiful mineral kingdom.

Over the years, Sarah Jane has trained or re-remembered many different psychic development and esoteric healing modalities, gone back to her pagan roots to become a Priestess of Avalon and celebrate the cycles of Goddess, nature and her own body and continue to uncover more of the "Herstory".


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This event has been cancelled.

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