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SOLD OUT  Guidance on the Path for 2020 - small intensive workshop  SOLD OUT

SOLD OUT Guidance on the Path for 2020 - small intensive workshop SOLD OUT

Edwin Courtenay
Saturday 21 December
10:00am - 5:00pm

This special one day intensive is ideal for anyone looking for guidance on their spiritual path for the coming year of 2020.

Drawing upon Edwin’s ability to see clairvoyantly the detailed energetic picture surrounding a person and his ability to communicate with and channel the spiritual world, the day will be a tailor made personal spiritual experience for all those that attend, focusing in part on the energies of the new year and how they might personally impact upon all those present.

Throughout the day Edwin will guide participants through a series of meditations, spiritual exercises and healings, all of which will be made in to unique and personally powerful experiences by the individual pre channelled information that Edwin will pass on privately - through printed material - to the attendees.

This guidance will personalise the day’s activities by providing unique insights into the attendee’s energetic state, what needs to be focused on to heal in 2020, what blockages need to be cleared now to embrace the energies of the new year, which guides are wanting to make contact in preparation for the time ahead and where the focus for forward movement in life needs to be held.

Throughout the day this intensive will include:

  • Clearing blockages in the energy system and attendee’s life
  • Meditations to align with guiding and teaching spiritual presences
  • Exercises regarding the downloading and manifestation of the attendee’s 'destined path' for the year ahead
  • Clearing individual karmic blockages present now
  • Channelling from the spiritual hierarchy

This promises to be a transformational opportunity to move yourself forward with clear and direct guidance offered from the spiritual source itself, to make the very most of the year ahead.

A perfect gift to yourself just before the festive period - this workshop promises to set you up for what lies ahead in 2020.

Edwin Courtenay

Edwin would describe himself as one of the "Cunning Folk" a term used in the 15th century to describe those naturally gifted with psychic, spiritual and mystical abilities which they would use to help those in their community. A Pagan-a follower of the old ways of nature and the world-and a practising magician, Edwin works with ritual, ceremony, chant and song to heal and awaken, empower and transform.


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