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What's on: 25 Jan

Working with the Goddess of Imbolc

Working with the Goddess of Imbolc

Sarah Jane Dennis
Saturday 25 January 2020
10:00am - 5:00pm

Imbolc means “Belly of The Mother “where the seeds and life begin to stir in preparation for the growth and rebirth of Spring.

Come sit in circle as we once used to do and meet the Swan Maiden Goddess of Imbolc, the quicken of the land, she who strikes her white staff onto the ground to liven and wake up the life that has been slumbering through the cold and stillness of Yuel and awaken these energies in us, connecting with and healing our inner child and reclaim the innocence and joy we hold within.

She who is healer, poet, midwife, and goddess of the sacred flame and sacred wells. You will connect with her through ritual and ceremony, drumming, song, dancing, journeying, her crystals and practical skills to enhance and deepen your connection to her.

All participants will also be gifted with her sacred flame to light a candle on the altar they will learn to make dedicated to Maiden Goddess.

What will you learn?

  • All about the season of Imbolc and Goddess Bridget, Swan Maiden Goddess
  • Basic crystal care
  • Songs of the season and goddess
  • How to set up an altar dedicated to goddess and her season, using crystals and objects representing her

Overview of the day:

  • Sitting in circle introductions and picking an oracle card
  • Grounding, centering and opening the chakras with sound
  • Calling goddess into our circle
  • Explanation about The Swan Maiden Goddess, her qualities and healing gifts she offers us, her season of Imbolc, animals guide and sacred tree
  • Crystals of the goddess and basic crystal care
  • Making a Birdie cross
  • Making an altar dedicated to Goddess Bridget
  • Inner child healing journey
  • Drumming and song
  • Lighting the sacred flame
  • Closing down and protection

Sarah Jane Dennis

Sarah Jane is a Priestess of Avalon, accredited crystal healer and a master teacher of Angelic Reiki.


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