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What's on: 17 Oct

Everyday Life as Initiation     CANCELLED

Everyday Life as Initiation CANCELLED

Julia Shepherd
Saturday 17 October
10:00am - 5:00pm

Taking inspiration from the ancient wisdom channelled in the writings of Alice Bailey, we will examine the idea of our soul’s progression by means of reincarnation as well as through the various degrees of initiation.

During ancient times, those on a spiritual path were often required to separate themselves from everyday life in order to embark on challenges or initiations that led them to an advanced stage of enlightenment.

Although this practice belongs to another time, the process of initiation and progression for the soul does not.

In our modern world it is everyday life that provides the arena for our aspirations of attaining enlightenment, and the challenges we often face are the initiations.

During this workshop we will be looking at our life from this viewpoint. With the use of visualisation, practical exercises and discussion we will look at difficult events in our lives and start to see them in a new light - as opportunities for growth, expansion, healing and as a means of taking that next step towards enlightenment.

The books of Alice Bailey channelled in cooperation with a Tibetan master between 1919 - 1949 constitute a continuation of the Ageless Wisdom - A body of esoteric teaching handed down from ancient times.

Julia Shepherd

Julia is an intuitive healer who accredited at the College in 1999. She has a special interest in how the journey of the soul impacts on everyday life. Julia is also an experienced Reiki Master/Teacher. She is very close in lineage to Usui Hayashi and Takata, the Grand Masters of Reiki and teaches Reiki as it was passed down from them.


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