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Strengthen Your Aura with Kundalini Yoga

Strengthen Your Aura with Kundalini Yoga

Gemma Bliss
Monday 12 September
12:00pm - 4:00pm

When we’re feeling down, anxious or fearful, our electromagnetic field shrinks correspondingly. This has an impact on our sense of presence and our capacity to ‘stand strong’ in our authenticity.

In this half-day workshop, we will use kriyas (movements), meditations and mantras that work on strengthening and clearing our aura, allowing us to boldly shine in our true grace, whatever circumstances we find ourselves in.

All are welcome to this workshop, regardless of ability.

If you struggle with sitting on a yoga mat, a chair will be provided for you. You may find some of the movements challenging, but always worth your best efforts... and rewarded by a lovely melty relaxation at the end of the workshop.

Gemma Bliss

I have worked with many styles of yoga - from Ashtanga to Vinyasa for more than ten years and teach Kundalini and general hatha yoga. When not teaching yoga I write regular magazine features for Om Yoga, Yoga and Everyday Health.


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