What's on: 18 Jun

Numerology for Enhancing Spiritual Practice

Numerology for Enhancing Spiritual Practice

Richard Abbot
Sunday 18 June
10:00am - 5:00pm

Numbers are the language of the universe, a language of light that has fascinated mystical seekers for thousands of years.

Everyone can understand the language of numbers and learn how to use it in many valuable ways which we will cover during the day:

  • To better attune to emotional cues, without attachment
  • To strengthen your connection with spirit and increase vibration
  • To place challenging world events in context
  • To gain greater perspective of personal needs and wants
  • To improve the timing of our actions

We will delve into the history of Numerology, look at amazing new developments in sacred geometry as well as the significance of the many repetitive dates (11:11, 9/9/9) that have come up for people in recent times.

All those who work with energy are at the same time working with numbers. Come along and learn how to do both more effectively.


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