Our body's unique language echoes from the depths of our being, voicing parts of our consciousness which may have been lost for years...

When we learn to understand our own body's language, to decode its messages, we discover that it holds a blueprint of our deepest self.

This language is very eloquent. It translates between the physical and the non-physical at a speed that far outpaces our conscious mind. When we listen to – and honour – this language, we can grow into our full power as a human being, achieving magical results.

In this recording, author Anna Parkinson describes the fascinating logic of the human body and the way it operates. Anna speaks from experience, having healed herself from an inoperable brain tumour 15 years ago.

Anna engages with the increasing number of scientific experiments demonstrating that consciousness is more powerful than physical form. She reveals how senior doctors and medical researchers are deciding that the logic of consciousness is the key to health.

"Your body holds the power, but you are the driver."

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About Anna Parkinson

Image of course leader Anna Parkinson Healer Anna Parkinson was told she had an inoperable brain tumour. She tried every solution until, at last, she found healing. She now shares all she has learnt by writing and teaching.
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