Is mediumship the only form of spiritual service? Unsurprisingly not. We are here to increase our spiritual growth and divinity. Part of the way we do that is by bringing our auric, spiritual energy into our families, jobs and wider lives. 

Most of us are unaware we are contributing. Then there's a range of wider healing energies, helping a wider range of people. There are psychics, mediums and communicators, needed at different levels depending on the vibration of the receiver.

Ivy Northage (1909-2002) was one of the most respected teaching mediums of her generation in the 1960s-90s and channel for the wisdom of her spirit guide Chan. Ivy's lively personality, wit, energy and her professionalism and single-minded dedication to her work are apparent in these recordings.

This recording may be vintage, but the wisdom it contains is wonderfully astute and holds just as true now as it did in the 1970s.

Here's a taster of what you will receive:

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About Ivy Northage

Image of course leader Ivy Northage Ivy Northage (1909-2002) was one of the finest mediums of her day in Britain. She began teaching mediumship at The College of Psychic Studies in 1970, and has left a tremendous legacy in her wake.
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