Sleep is our body's primary mechanism to heal and restore itself. In sleep, we no longer identify as a separate individual. We are no longer conscious of who or where we are.

Psychic Sleep takes us one step further.

Through a series of guided exercises, we remain wakeful as we move through the process of falling asleep. In Psychic Sleep, we harness the connectivity available in the deep sleep state. We are able to consciously access what lies beyond the conscious mind.

During a healthy sleep cycle, brainwave activity can drop from over 100 cycles per second in the waking state, to less than 3.9 cycles per second in the delta brainwave state of our deepest sleep.

Psychic Sleep helps us remain wakeful as we move through these cycles. We are able to take advantage of the altered states of consciousness that occur as brainwave activity falls. This process heightens the sensitivity of our senses, including the sixth sense, increasing our intuitive and psychic abilities.

In this experiential recording, Gráinne McAnallen explains how the ancient healing technique of Psychic Sleep can be used to develop and strengthen our intuitive and psychic abilities. 

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About Grainne McAnallen

Image of course leader Grainne McAnallen Grainne McAnallen is the founder of Expansion Coaching Services Limited, an organisation committed to helping individuals and organisations to live and work more consciously.
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