The energy of Divine Compassion is LOVE. No judgement. No impossible standards to meet. Just pure love. Experience it for yourself in this in-person workshop.

Join Joan Osborne at The College of Psychic Studies for a day of receiving. Allow yourself to be bathed in love. Begin to open up more fully to the healing it brings to your whole being. Allow it to embrace each and every part of you – and your ancestral line so that the healing touches the hidden aspects of you influenced by genetic and energetic inheritance.

The Beloved are waiting to enfold you in love. Are you ready to open up and allow? Book now to join us in person at the College and experience the profound healing of Divine Compassion.


Previous participants say:

"Joan is a powerful energy healer and a very lovely lady. The workshop helped me clear deep restrictive energies from my body and past lives. Followed by a very profound opening up to receive, which is so difficult for humanity, allowing me to receive the energies of compassion into my being. This is very special and few energy workers have the abilities and very special spirit team to allow this."

"Joan is very loving, with a lovely lightness and sense of fun. Highly recommended!"

"The energy yesterday was very tangible and very healing for me. I am a somewhat shy person but Joan makes me feel very welcome and safe, so that I can allow myself to open to the work. I am very grateful I could attend."

"Joan is such a beautiful, compassionate, gifted healer. Her work touched me on such incredibly deep levels and I felt a profound shift. She has a unique connection to spirit and the new energies that are coming, as well as an extensive understanding of healing. I am extremely grateful for the experience."


This workshop is taking place in-person at our college in London

You can find the address and travel directions on our contact page - we'll also include all the information in your enrolment email.

About Joan Osborne

Image of course leader Joan Osborne A channel for a variety of light beings, Joan Osborne uses her voice to bring in tonal frequencies aimed at enabling the energetic and physical bodies to realign more harmoniously.
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