When we lean into nature, when we feel the cycles of the seasons with our innermost being, when we invite the land to be our greatest teacher, we find true harmony within. This is the path you'll learn to walk in this in-person workshop.

This workshop at The College of Psychic Studies in London, which includes a sacred guided walk in nearby Hyde Park, will show you how to 'take Nature's hand'. Once grasped, you will never let it go! This connection can lead you to every answer you seek. It can support and nurture you through each moment. It can guide every step of your spiritual path.

his in-person workshop is timed for Lughnasadh, a Celtic festival that marks the beginning of the harvest season. This is our opportunity for ripening; to embrace the potential of transformation that we all have inside us. In today's sacred guided walk, we will focus our intention on leaning into what nature has to gift to us this season.

In this in-person workshop, you will learn to:

  • Live by the seasons and natural cycles
  • Look for and receive nature's gifts
  • Connect to the wisdom of the land in a deeper way
  • Listen for nature's guidance on your spiritual path

We will begin our journey at the College with a grounding visualisation, bringing us into inner stillness and self-reflection. Now we're ready for our sacred guided walk. Our place of pilgrimage? The beautiful Hyde Park, a 15-minute walk away, now sparkling with summer's light. Finally, we will return to the College for a special ritual where we offer to spirit all that has enriched us in this journey.

Book now to connect more deeply with the cycles of the seasons, and for a deeply nourishing experience of being held within nature's ever-present hand.


Entry requirements

  • We will be walking to and within Hyde Park as part of this workshop. Hyde Park is a 15-minute walk from the College. Please wear comfortable shoes. 
  • Please consider any mobility issues before booking.
  • This workshop is for everyone, wherever you are on your path.
  • The land and the collective power of this special group will provide what you need.


    Previous participants say:

    "Jeremy Rye knows the topic and teaches it with a passionate and professional touch."

    "Excellent workshop, Jeremy weaved nature with the power of our being and magic. Truly uplifting and assisted to work with the land with new respect."

    "Jeremy has a warm, positive vibration which brought the course to life. Brilliant course leader. The ritual at the end brought it all together. It was a enjoyable, valuable experience. Please run these courses each quarter!"

    "Very welcoming group, interesting event, good pace, and liked the mix of indoors and outdoors."


    This workshop is taking place in-person at our college in London

    You can find the address and travel directions on our contact page - we'll also include all the information in your enrolment email.

    About Jeremy Rye

    Image of course leader Jeremy Rye Landscape architect Jeremy Rye is wedded to the land. He guides us back to our roots to connect deeply with our Earth, nature and the Wheel of the Year for healing and self-realisation.
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