Do you feel guided by a force in your everyday life?
Do you notice subtle messages - in nature, in dreams, everywhere - that nudge you forward on your path?
Then this in-person workshop is for you.

In this workshop at the College, we will learn about the many ways that spirit guides us. We'll look at how we can remain open to this guidance, and will also explore the difference between our own thoughts and true spirit guidance.

You will discover:

  • The various ways in which spirit communicates with us
  • The reasons why spirit might be getting in touch with us 
  • How can we be open to communication and guidance from spirit
  • The difference between personal thought and spirit messages
There will be opportunities to share your own experiences, which we will discuss and decipher. Nicoletta will assist us in better understanding these experiences. We will connect with a loved one in spirit to receive their message through guided meditation. There will be time for Q&A and discussion.

Book now to discover how spirit connects with us in our everyday life, and how to interpret those messages of guidance, in this uplifting in-person workshop.


Previous participants say:

"It was a really good experience being with like-minded individuals all united in our individual and collective quest to be able to channel spirit, and to have a better understanding in the way that spirit can connect to us and guide us.

"Nicoletta shared her own personal experiences with us, which helped us to share ours too. She is very experienced and humble at the same time, which makes her a good teacher."

"What a fabulous afternoon. Nicky was a brilliant teacher. The rooms we were in, I felt a really strong spiritual presence. It was interesting hearing her experiences and getting more of an understanding of my own spiritual experiences and hearing others in the group sharing their encounters too."

"Nicoletta Stephens made me feel very welcome and was a very calm a relaxed lady, which made me feel this way too. I enjoyed listening to her experiences and it was obvious she was a very gifted lady who made me realise how to look at spirit in many other ways."


This workshop is taking place in-person at the College in London

You can find The College of Psychic Studies at 16 Queensberry Place, London, SW7 2EB, UK. Visit our contact us page for travel directions. We'll also include all the information in your enrolment email.

About Nicoletta Stephens

Image of course leader Nicoletta Stephens Michigan-born Nicoletta Stephens comes from a long line of psychic women and trained under Gerrie March. This has helped her to see the spirit world more clearly as a happy next step after death.
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