The ankh is one of the most iconic symbols of Ancient Egypt. This hieroglyph means 'life' or 'breath of life' and has long been used as a powerful amulet in magickal ceremony. This in-person workshop initiates you into the ankh's empowering wisdom.

In this in-person workshop, Heka magick initiate Pixie P Carney will guide you on a powerful initiation to walk through the flaming ankh in the footsteps of the magis of Ancient Egypt. When we step into the force of the flaming ankh, we leave behind the old, scattered self. We emerge fully harmonised in our centre. We are aligned with our truth, grounded and functioning at our best as a being of light. Thus begins an alchemical journey to 'Know ThySelf'. 

This ceremony marks the start of your relationship with this powerful symbol. From this moment, you will receive the full power of the ankh when you wear it and work with it. 

The Way of the Ankh ceremony is a perfect opportunity to prepare yourself mentally, spiritually and physically to navigate these times at the dawn of a completely new world. Our consciousness, light bodies and physical bodies must catch up with these new energies. Remaining centred and grounded makes this a much easier transition. The ankh will support you in this journey.

As we are guided through this ceremony, we will release what no longer serves us. We emerge from the flaming ankh cleansed, renewed and strongly established in our true centre.


What to expect in The Way of the Ankh

  • Please wear black, white or purple, or a combination of these colours.
  • This ceremony follows the Ancient Egyptian Mystery School procedure to walk the Ankh.
  • Pixie will use the shamanic drum to guide you on an active walking meditation.
  • You are an active participant in this ritual, not just a receiver.


Entry requirements:

  • All are welcome.
  • Please wear black, white or purple, or a combination of these colours.


Previous participants say:

"It was really special. The energy was amazing. Pixie was great. After the ritual I felt more grounded and my heart chakra started to open. I definitely feel the healing."

"Pixie is a wonderful teacher and guide. The ceremony was enjoyable and enlightening. I will definitely be coming back for more."

"Really enjoyed it, Pixie was very attentive, really felt like she was talking to me."

"A wonderful and healing experience."


This workshop is taking place in-person at the College in London

You can find The College of Psychic Studies at 16 Queensberry Place, London, SW7 2EB, UK. Visit our contact us page for travel directions. We'll also include all the information in your enrolment email.

About Pixie P Carney

Image of course leader Pixie P Carney College of Psychic Studies graduate Pixie Carney is a shamanic healer, Reiki Master, psychic medium and initiate of Heka Ancient Egyptian Magick, with a special bond to Sekhmet.
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